A little bit about me…

First of all, thank you for visiting. This website is dedicated to helping small, local business owners thrive and scale their business exponentially.

I love to highlight and help small, local businesses through:

  • Free articles featuring locally owned and operated businesses
  • Free software and product reviews for small businesses
  • Educational content on growing a business without spending a dime on advertising (at LearnContentSEO.com)

You can learn more about the growth at ExpertTexan.com via my 2023 Media Kit.

person standing on top of rock as seen on experttexan.com

Who is “Expert Texan”?

My name is Chris, and I enjoy all things small business (and Texas)! Here are a few snapshots about me:

  • My passion is business growth!
    • I have worked with multiple start-ups in Texas in various stages/roles
    • Most of them are now multi-million dollar businesses
  • I love traveling!
    • I lived in Europe for 5 years
    • I have visited 48 of 50 states and traveled to 25+ foreign countries
    • I have lived in 5 states (I’ve lived in Texas longer than any other state)
  • I grew up as a city kid but now I live on five acres in the country with my family.
    • We built a tiny house!

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