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The 1 Proven Tool That Marketing Pro’s Use to Quickly Grow Customer Email Lists

The lifeblood of any business is its ability to keep in touch with customers and to continuously expand the reach of its marketing efforts. This is why the marketing pros have figured out how to grow customer email lists while they sleep.

how to grow customer email lists while you sleep (image of sloth sleeping on sofa)
Grow your email list while you sleep.

And marketing professionals charge hundreds (even thousands per month) to provide that same email list growth capability to business owners.

Lucky for you, I’m not the average marketing professional. Instead, I’m going to spill the beans and give you some insight into one of the few ways that you too can collect emails and grow your customer email lists while you sleep.

Once you follow this simple method using just one marketing tool, you’ll be leaps and bounds ahead of all of your competition.

This is how the pro’s grow customer email lists

Are you ready?

You will need to do these two simple things to get started: 

1) You’ll need to get a free account by clicking here (yes, it’s actually free)
2) You’ll also need a website (nothing fancy, just a regular business website).

If you don’t have a website yet, I highly recommend using this simple, easy to use website platform.

Once you have created your free account and followed the quick and easy setup instructions, you’ll be building your customer email list in your sleep just like the pro’s.

The email marketing tool in action

I would never recommend something that I am not using myself, so here is some recent live data (July, 2020) from one of my own websites:

  • On July 16th I collected 5 email addresses
  • On July 17th, my website collected 11 (and the day was still far from over at the time the screenshot was taken)
  • The screenshot is from a brand new website with very low traffic, but I’m still growing an email list with it using this fantastic marketing tool.

To be clear, I’m not doing anything special or highly sophisticated to collect these email addresses. All I did was I signed up for the free software program I mentioned above to get started.

And now, my website is doing the email list building work for me.

Need help?

If you have at least one-hundred customers on your email list and want to continue to build it, I can help you. I can strategically monetize your email list, help you turn customers into return buyers, continue helping you grow your audience, as well as convert your customers into being your brand advocates.

Enjoy building your email list and making money the easy way!

‘Til Next Time, 

Christopher Lee