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4 Unique Waco Coffee Shops in Waco You MUST Visit | 2023

Every year, millions of people visit Waco, TX to explore the small city and all of the intricate stories that are woven throughout its history.

But for the most part, people come and see the same places in Waco, eat at the same Waco restaurants and stay on the beaten path.

So, take it from a local Wacoan… If you’re looking to explore Waco a little deeper, there’s no better place to start than by visiting the most unique Waco coffee shops you can find (and are owned and operated locally).

Here is a look at the four local coffee spots that serve up some of the best coffee in Waco in the most unique ways possible.

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Unique Waco Coffee Shops

If you are looking for a coffee experience that’s unique to Waco, here are three local Waco coffee shops that you should go check out while you’re here:

1) Pinewood Coffee (Roasters)

Pinewood Coffee is an incredibly fantastic name because the minute you pull up to the building, you immediately enter into an experience that perfectly matches the name.

it’s a delightful experience to start your morning.

Everything inside and outside is mostly made from wood, or at least pinewood-colored materials. The chairs, the deck, the walls, the ceiling, and even the coffee bar itself.

It’s beautifully accented with metallic light fixtures and other décor that aligns with the overall aesthetic with just the right touch of balance.

And then there’s the coffee (there’s a reason it made it to the top of my list of unique Waco coffee shops).

The locally roasted coffee will transport you to a place of calm and serenity while sitting on the deck surrounded by natural wood and greenery that makes you feel like you’re sitting in a fairytale forest sipping on the most delightful concoction that nature has to offer.

In reality, it’s just one delicious cup of joe and a beautifully and carefully crafted environment that’s captivated your senses – and it’s a delightful experience to start your morning.

Here are some pictures of the magical place that you will soon be visiting:

Click here to get directions to Pinewood Coffee Roasters from wherever you’re at right now or check out their Instagram.

2) Fabled Bookshop & Café

Speaking of a fairytale forest, you’ve come to the right place.

Fabled Bookshop & Cafe made it onto my list of unique Waco coffee shops because the list simply wouldn’t be complete without it!

It dips your very soul into a world that brings your imagination to life through the power of storytelling.

This coffee shop takes you well beyond the savory world of coffee and dips your very soul into a world that brings your imagination to life through the power of storytelling.

the front of a coffee shop in Waco called "Fabled Bookshop & Cafe".

Whether it’s the weekly book club discussions, the reading nooks, the warm and welcoming living room-like atmosphere, the incredibly delicious smell of coffee, or the walls of books that fill the room, you will not want to leave anytime soon.

Don’t sit for too long though – you may accidentally spend your entire time in Waco at this one coffee shop – not even joking.

There are a few other things that make this Waco-based coffee shop incredibly unique:

  • Fabled Bookshop & Cafe is women-led
  • They serve up Books, Coffee, AND Wine & Beer
  • They cook up some mean plates of food, too!
  • Writers can submit their books to be sold here

After you’ve had your fill of delicious local coffee, you may be happy to hear that Waco doesn’t just have great coffee shops. Here a few of the best local places to eat in Waco within just a few blocks of this coffee shop.

Click here to get directions to Fabled Bookshop & Cafe from wherever you’re at right now or check out their Instagram.

Every Coffee Shop in Waco | The Complete Guide

3) BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works

Take a step back in time and get blasted over 100 years into the past. 1915 is the year in which the building – where this coffee shop is located – was built.

At the time, it was the first “skyscraper” of its kind in Waco and was a widely recognized building throughout the state of Texas.

Buy Me A Coffee

I like coffee… you like Waco… buy me a coffee in Waco! Or not, we can still be friends. Sort of. In an awkward kind of way.

Today, the building is on the National Register of Historic Places.

Although the building has been renovated on the inside, the exterior remains largely the same as it did in 1915.

the coffee is roasted with an antique roaster dating back to 1898

Most of the 7 floors of this building have been turned into lofts, so don’t worry – you won’t have to go beyond the original building lobby to find this unique Waco coffee shop.

BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works is located in the original elevator which has been locked into place on the first floor.

bru coffee shop, located in a 100+ year old elevator in a historic building in downtown Waco.

Yes, you read that right.

Have you ever been to a coffee shop in an antique elevator in a historic building? Now you can!

By the way, the elevator still works (they don’t build things like they used to, huh?).

Even better, the coffee is roasted with an antique roaster dating back to 1898!

No – I was not kidding when I said this coffee shop will transport you back in time.

Here are a few other unique facts about this Waco coffee shop:

  • Brû is short for Brûlerie (French) – it means “Roast”
  • The name Brû is engraved on the inside of their Espresso machine which was custom made specifically for them by a man named Salvatoré from Florence, Italy. It’s made of solid copper and brass.
  • Take three steps to the left and you walk into a beautiful arts and crafts shop called Paper Crown Waco that makes stores like Hobby Lobby blush. Check out their Instagram here.
  • Bru Coffee shop is located just down the street from the Silos at Magnolia (you can see the silos from the front door of this Waco coffee shop).
  • There is a massive wall mural on the side of the building. It’s impressive, to say the least.

Click here to get directions to BRÛ Artisan Coffee Works from wherever you’re at right now or check out their Instagram.

4) THRST Coffee Shop

THRST Coffee Shop is one of the newest coffee shops in Waco, having opened very early on in 2023. And while it’s referred to as a shop… I feel like this is one of the coffee shops that truly earns the name “Coffee HOUSE“.

inside of THRST Coffee, a local coffee shop in Waco, Texas.
Lalo’s Coffee & Pastries Lounge

THRST Coffee Shop is also located in a unique part of town as well. It’s not in a “hip downtown area” per se, as many coffee shops often are.

This coffee house is infused with a unique and inviting ambience the minute you walk through the front door.

You’re greeted by calming natural colors, plants and comfortably arranged seating that seems to invite you to sit down and stay for a while.

The people behind the counter serving up the drinks are just as pleasant and enjoyable as the environment inside the coffee shop.

THRST Coffee Shop is located in a community that is largely comprised of lower to middle income families. I personally appreciate small businesses that plant themselves firmly in the middle of traditionally “underserved” communities, where quality coffee is also highly appreciated, and a drive all the way downtown isn’t necessary to get it.

THRST Coffee is also located just one block away from Baked Bliss; a highly rated, locally owned and operated bakery where you can purchase just about any food or desserts that require “baking”. That includes pastries, cookies, and other desserts that pair well with a cup of joe.

a light next to a green plant inside THRST coffee shop, a locally owned and operated coffee house in Waco TX.
Iced Horchata Coffee (left), and Lalo’s Mocha (right)

Whether you try a specialty drink, or you just go with a more traditional coffee drink like a Mocha or Latte, THRST Coffee’s authentic and consistently roasted beans (they roast their own) will come through for a win with every sip.

Waco Coffee Shops with Rooftop Terraces

If you’re looking for coffee shops in Waco with rooftop terraces, be sure to check out Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits!

dichotomy coffee and spirits storefront; a local coffee shop in Waco, TX.
Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits: Downtown Waco, TX

Click here to get directions to Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits from wherever you’re at right now or check out their Instagram.

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