Midnight in The French Quarter Candle by Parish Scents

The Top 5 French Quarter Candles From New Orleans, LA

A French Quarter candle is a perfect gift for any occasion, either to someone else, or for yourself! The French Quarter is one of the most distinctive and interesting neighborhoods in New Orleans (also referred to as Crescent City, or Big Easy).

Being the oldest part of the city, it’s a mishmash of architectural styles, from Victorian to Greek Revival, with something for everyone. And where there are lots of old buildings with a long history of diverse cultures, cuisine and more, there are usually some pretty neat candles to be found as well.

Landry's in downtown New Orleans French Quarter
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

So we did some research and found the best French Quarter candles from New Orleans you can buy online.

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Surprisingly, there were not a ton of options for truly authentic French Quarter candles made by actual New Orleanians. But from the ones we were able to find and test out, here’s a list of our favorites:

Parish Scents – Midnight in The French Quarter Candle

Parish Scents is a family-owned New Orleans company that focuses exclusively on candles. The owner was born and raised in New Orleans, LA, so you can trust that – being a natural born New Orleanian – they know what they’re doing when it comes to capturing the scents of this fascinating city.

They have a decent selection of scents, from the obvious (like Creme Brulee, Beignets and Bourbon Street) to the more obscure (like 1718, Jazz Club on St Charles, and A NOLA Kinda Morning).

They also offer seasonal candles such as Mardi Gras to mark the various celebrations in the city throughout the year.


The Midnight in The French Quarter candle is one of their more popular scents; it’s got a great throw and lasts a long time (50+ hours). It’s a light, but powerful and seductive fragrance oil scent that’s reminiscent of bourbon mixed with tobacco and musk, with notes of birch and patchouli.

Wicks NOLA – French Quarter Beignet Candle

This New Orleans French Quarter Candle is a scented coconut soy candle that recreates the distinct aroma of the French Quarter’s famous beignets. If Cafe Du Monde is your thing, then so is this candle.

french quarter beignet candle by Wicks Nola in a dark amber jar and a black lid with a white and black label
Credit: ShopWicksNola

This Louisiana candle is a really beautiful and elegant design, too. The lid is a solid black and the only design is in black and white partially wrapped around the vessel making for a subtle decorative item even when the candle isn’t lit.

The scent is a mix of Deep Fried Dough, Vanilla Bean, and Powdered Sugar which makes for a rich, sweet scent. It’s got a strong throw and lasts a long time, too. It’s a really sophisticated yet traditional design, with a modern twist that makes it stand out.

NOLA Queen Candles – French Market Candle

This New Orleans Candle from NOLA Queen Candles is another classic scented candle with a really strong and long-lasting scent. It’s a smooth blend of coconut, peach, and white berries which creates a really relaxing smell that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day.

NOLA Queen Candles French Market candle in a see through glass jar with a black and gold label
credit: NolaQueenCandles

The design is very simple, with a see-through glass container and an elegant black and gold label. This candle lets the scent do the talking – and that’s what a good candle should do! It’s a great choice for anyone who wants a simple, classic scented French Quarter candle.

Vieux Carre Company – French Quarter Candle

The New Orleans Candle from Vieux Carree Company is a unique New Orleans scented candle. It’s similar to the Midnight in The French Quarter candle by Parish Scents, because it’s got an unexpected aroma of sweet tonka bean and smoked woods, rather than a sweet, bakery-based New Orleans French Quarter fragrance that you might expect in a traditional French Quarter candle.

French Quarter candle by Vieux Carre Candle Co being hold by someone with a horse coach in the backdrop in downtown New Orleans
credit: VieuxCarreCompany

The design of this candle is really cool, too – mostly due to the label design. The candle vessel itself is a traditional see-through glass jar which is wrapped with a bit of decorative rope. It’s a really lovely candle and is a great choice if you want to send a gift that stands out with an authentic French Quarter candle from New Orleans.

Novel Design Nola – Da’ Quarter Candle

The Da’ Quarter candle is a scented vegan soy wax candle that recreates the distinct aroma of the French Quarter’s famous Daquiris, Hand Grenades & Hurricanes (Cherry, Orange, Lime, Rum) and even a dash of Beer. It’s a really unique design. The candle vessel is actually an upcycled glass bottle, making for a funky decoration when the candle isn’t lit.

Da' Quarter candle by Novel Design Nola in a green glass soda bottle that's been upcycled
credit: NovelDesignNola

If funky is your thing, then Da’ Quarter candle is probably a good choice for you.

It’s got a decent scent throw and burns for a satisfying amount of time, too. The candle is handcrafted in New Orleans and the bottle the vessel is made from reportedly also originates from New Orleans – or at least Louisiana. It’s a great gift for anyone who loves New Orleans, recycling, and funky upcycled designs.


These French Quarter scented candles make the perfect gift for anybody who enjoys the culture and history of New Orleans. They’re a great way to bring a little bit of New Orleans magic into your home, and more than that – they smell fantastic.

There’s a scent for every occasion. Whether you want a powerful scent that captures the spirit of New Orleans, or something with a little bit more flavor to it that reminds you of beignets and coffee. If you’re looking for a great New Orleans gift, then these French Quarter candles are a must-buy.