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5 BEAUTIFUL Salado Coffee Shops You MUST Visit | 2023

If you live in the area, or you find yourself visiting or driving through Salado, TX on I-35, then chances are you’ll also be looking for coffee at some point.

Whether you commute through Salado every day, you’re vacationing in Salado, or you’re going by for the first time – Salado is a beautiful, small Texas town overflowing with charm, character and fantastic coffee shops.

From the refreshing Salado Creek, to the historic Stagecoach Inn (recently renamed to “Shady Villa”), or the quaint Shoppes on Main, Salado has all of that, and much, much more.

In fact, despite being such a small town, Salado has some really fantastic coffee shops.

Whether you’re looking for colorful and vibrant, rustic, modern and elegant, or spacious and relaxing coffee shops – Salado offers that and more with their various local takes on what it means to be a “coffee house”.


Instead of stopping at the typical roadside coffee shops located along the highway such as Starbucks or Dutch Bros, try these four locally owned and operated coffee shops instead:

They’re also all conveniently located on, or 1-2 blocks away from I-35, too! We’ll start with one of the newest coffee shops in Salado…

I stopped at each of these Salado coffee shops and figured I’d share them with you, too!


The Muscovy Coffee Roasters coffee house is the second newest coffee shop in Salado, TX. It’s also quite possibly the nicest coffee shop in town, and – bonus points – Muscovy Coffee Roasters has a drive-through!

Muscovy Coffee Roasters coffee shop - one of several locally owned coffee shops in Salado, TX

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

There’s also plenty of parking, and quite a bit of seating. There is a nice seating area inside which is a bit smaller than what I first imagined it would look like when viewing the building from the exterior.

Muscovy Coffee Shop in Salado, Texas; Exterior Parking and Patio Seating.

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

But then the exterior has a pretty big patio with quite a bit more seating. While it might be a bit much to sit out on the patio during the hotter Texas summer months, it will certainly be nice during late Fall, Winter and early Spring.

The exterior of Muscovy Coffee Roasters, a locally owned coffee shop in Salado, TX

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

The drink options at Muscovy Coffee Roasters coffee house are pretty standard fare – but we tried the Campfire Latte with Oat Milk and it tasted exactly like it sounds. It was lightly smoky with a hint of graham crackers and marshmallow.

Changing your milk option may also modify the taste of the drink, too.

They also feature seasonal syrup flavors which are not displayed on their menu – so be sure to ask about those before ordering to see if there’s something “hidden” that you might be interested in!

In fact, they also feature chai latte’s and a couple other specialty drinks worth checking out.

Oh, and there’s also a lovely electric fireplace inside which is a nice touch!

Inside Muscovy Coffee Roasters in Salado, TX.

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

Fun Fact: This coffee shop got started as an online coffee roaster and wholesaler, and is (at least partially) owned by its sister company, Miller’s Smokehouse in Temple, TX where you’ll also find Muscovy Coffee Beans & other coffee goods.

Coffee Shop Style | Brick-n-Mortar + Drive-Through w/ Outdoor Patio


Longbow Coffee Co in Salado, TX features both a brick-n-mortar location, as well as a drive-through coffee truck spot. They’re not on the same lot – they are in two different locations.

The brick-n-mortar, walk-in coffee shop was opened in 2023, and is located at 247 W Village Rd Suite 2, while the drive-through coffee truck is located next to Domino’s in Salado.

The Logo at the front of the building for Longbow Coffee in Salado, TX.

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

Longbow Coffee Co consistently serves up quality drinks due to the fact that they roast their own beans locally in small batches.

The coffee shop is small and quaint, while simultaneously bright, colorful and stylish. It features a creative wall mural along with pine and turquoise colored seating next to solid white tables inside.

Inside Longbow Coffee in Salado, TX

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

Instead of going for a typical caramel latte with oat milk (my usual go-to drink), I’d recommend going with one of their signature latte’s such as:

  • Hellfire: Dark Chocolate, Caramel, Vanilla & Toffee
  • O’Salado: Caramel & Maple
  • French Toast: White Chocolate & Brown Sugar Cinnamon

We tried the French Toast with Oat Milk, and it tasted EXACTLY like French Toast. To be fair, it is pretty sweet, too – so if you’re looking for something a little lighter on the sugar side of things, then you might want to balance it out with the Dark Chocolate featured in several of their other specialty latte’s.

A coffee quote from Johnny Cash inside Longbow Coffee Roasters in Salado, TX.
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

You can also get Frappe’s, Hot Chocolate, Italian Soda, Smoothies, Lotus drinks, Chai Tea Latte’s, Grey Teas, Iced Tea, Lemonade and even soft-serve ice cream (coffee or vanilla flavored) at Longbow Coffee in Salado.

Coffee Shop Style: Brick-n-Mortar | Drive-Through Coffee Truck (separate location)


Coffee, cocktails and beer… you’ll find it all here at Greenfield Coffee, Cocktails, Barrels and Brew in Salado, TX.

It’s a lovely, hole-in-the-wall kind of coffee house – in part, because it’s literally a “house”.

Inside you’ll find a quaint coffee bar with multiple spaces to sip and lounge inside, as well as a massive outdoor space behind the building in a well-designed and appealing courtyard, complete with and outdoor fire pit.

Again, the outdoor space at Greenfield Coffee may not be ideal for the hottest months in Texas, but for the rest of the year? Yeah, I’ll be spending some time there.

Iced Tea, Loose Leaf Tea, Espresso, Latte, Frappe or just regular drip-coffee are all options at Greenfield Coffee in Salado + a lot more.

Coffee Shop Style: Brick-n-Mortar + Outdoor Courtyard with Seating and Fire Pit

MARKETPLACE CAFÉ & CRÊPERIE (Inside “Shoppes on Main”)

The Shoppes on Main is a “Collection of Boutiques”. Essentially it’s a business that leases out smaller spaces inside to a bunch of local vendors that range from soap makers to candle makers, wood crafters and many others.

If you’re looking for unique gifts or just something special for yourself – then Shoppes on Main is a good place to stop.

But, it’s largely known for its Marketplace Cafe and Creperie inside. Stop in, order your drink and crepes, and wander around the various vendors displays while you wait.

My personal favorite is their honey lavender latte which is comprised of espresso, honey, lavender, and steamed oat milk topped with foamed oat milk.

But you can’t go wrong with any of their drinks. I also like their Sugar & Spice Latte, English Toffee Mocha and Salted Caramel Macchiato.

They also serve up some great Matcha Green Tea Latte’s!

Coffee Shop Style: Brick-n-Mortar


The Lively Coffee House & Bistro is a coffee house that’s located right near the Shoppes on Main. They also live up to their name of being “Lively”. This Salado coffee house regularly hosts musicians and other special events at the coffee shop that are a ton of fun to attend.

They’re also known for their bagel sandwiches, toasts and other baked goods – not just their coffee drinks. And, I don’t know why they’re so expensive, but just keep in mind that their sandwiches can be pretty pricy depending on what you order.

The reviews on their sandwiches are mixed; some people love them, some people like them but don’t understand the pricing, and others just flat out don’t understand the price or the sandwich and don’t like either one.

So, eat at your own risk – but at its core, Lively Coffee House & Bistro is a coffee house. And they offer a ton of great drinks from latte’s to cold brew, drip coffee, espresso shots, Americano, cappuccino, macchiato, mocha, hot chocolate, chai latte and much, much more.

In fact, the Lively Coffee House & Bistro quite possibly has the most diverse and extensive drink menu in the city of Salado.

It also features a nice courtyard with shade, and a good amount of seating. The interior features a bench-style seat along the wall, accompanied by a few tables and chairs inside of an otherwise wood-panel covered space.

Coffee Shop Style: Brick-n-Mortar + Outdoor Courtyard with Seating