10 UNIQUE Boutiques in Waco | The Complete Guide to Local Luxury

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There are a wide variety of boutiques in Waco. And the term "boutique" is often used interchangeably. When one person mentions a boutique, they might mean an antique store. When another person says boutique, they might be referring to a chic boutique that sells only the latest styles in fashion.

And others may just be thinking of a traditional boutique - a local store that sells clothing, handbags, wallets, and maybe even some home good items such as candles and the like.

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Depending on what you think of as a boutique - there are a lot of boutiques in Waco. And by "in Waco", I mean both downtown Waco, as well as the surrounding area.

So I've included all of the above types of boutiques in this article, broken down into their own distinct sections so that no matter what you call a "boutique", you'll find it here in my complete guide on boutiques in Waco.

Important Notes:

  • This list will focus strictly on LOCAL boutiques - not chains.

  • This list will exclude Magnolia Market because pretty much everybody knows about the boutique stores at Magnolia at The Silos.

Pro Tip: If you're looking for gifts, you might also want to pair it with flowers (or a bouquet of flowers) from one of the locally owned flower shops in Waco.

Traditional Boutiques

This first group of boutiques in Waco are what most people generally think of as a traditional boutique in every sense of the word. They carry mostly new boutique style apparel, jewelry, accessories and much more (aka, local clothing stores).

Some may also carry a significant selection of home good items such as candles, linens, baking accessories, household decorative items and more.

Others may also offer services such as hairstyling, facials, etc., as part of their boutique business. One of the boutiques in Waco that I list below even has an onsite restaurant and a luxury loft you can rent!

Are you ready?! It's time to explore the best boutiques Waco has to offer!

1. Spice Village

Long before the Silos at Magnolia was even a thought - Spice Village was already in existence.

Spice Village is one of the oldest, longest standing local businesses in Waco.

It's also one of the largest boutiques in Waco featuring over 60 vendors in a 30,000 square foot space. This boutique is located at the River Square Center in one of the oldest buildings in Waco.

The McLendon Hardware Co. building (where Spice Village is located) began construction in 1908 and was completed in 1911. Despite being severely damaged in the 1953 tornado that swept through downtown Waco, the building was repaired and renovated.

Sadly, some of the most iconic, beautifully designed exterior elements of the building were destroyed in the tornado, never to be rebuilt. However, the long-leaf pine beams that were originally used to build the structure are still visible inside the Spice Villageboutique store to this day.

If you're looking for home goods, jewelry, formal wear, shoes, women's clothes, gift items, or really anything you can think of, this Waco boutique has you covered.

You won't have any problem finding gifts, home good items, clothes, home décor, and much more at Spice Village.

2. The Black Daisy

When someone says, "There's no other boutique like it in Waco", you tend to pay attention. And that's the case with The Black Daisy boutique in Waco, TX.

It's definitely a vibe.

If there was one word that I could describe The Black Daisy with - it wouldn't be black. I'd describe it as "vibrant", or "bold". If you're afraid of colors, and shy away from being bold, then stay far away.

The Black Daisy boutique is anything but boring.

Oh - and The Black Daisy has two locations; one in downtown Waco, and the other in China Spring.

3. Sironia

Sironia is similar to Spice Village in that it's not just a single boutique or shop. Sironia is a single location that features about a dozen vendors with offerings ranging from a kids boutique known as Sironia Kids, to antiques and oddities sold by Savage Finds.

And there's quite a few more boutiques to shop at Sironia.

Women's clothing for all body types, home decor and gifts, cowgirl style clothing and much more. If you're looking for a one-stop kind of boutique, then Sironia should probably be on your list of boutiques in Waco to visit.

In fact, you can eat at Sironia. They have an onsite restaurant. You can also stay overnight in their luxury loft which is available for just $275/night and sleeps up to 6 people!

4. The Weekend Hippie

When you ask them what kind of boutique store they are, they'll tell you that The Weekend Hippie is where, "Western meets boho chic - catering to the hippie soul in all of us".

And, I'd have to agree that's a pretty clear and accurate description of exactly what you'll find at The Weekend Hippie.

Step inside and you'll see what I mean.

You're quickly greeted by stylish women's boho fashion with a distinct Western flare. And it... works!

Really well, actually.

5. Chesney's Boutique

Facials? Check.

Hairstyling? Check.

Boutique? Check.

Need perfume? They've got that too.

In fact, Chesney's is one of the few boutiques in Waco that really has you covered for everything that you'd expect of a boutique - and more.

The owner, Chesney Goats, takes pride in sourcing one-of-a-kind apparel, jewelry, perfumes and an assortment of fashion accessories from the best of the best in their crafts.

6. Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique

With each of the businesses run by a sister, it's a family affair at Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique and the coffee shop next door at Z's Brew Coffee & Crepes. You can find a new outfit and pick up your favorite drink at one of the best coffee shops in Waco.

The building that PIP Flamingo Boutique is located in is a historic building. The Curry Office Supply Building was originally built in the 1940's and subsequently survived the F5 Waco Tornado in 1953, and a pair of fires a few decades later.

Now, it is home to multiple businesses:

  • Z's at The Curry (an upscale cocktail lounge)

  • Z's Brew Coffee & Crepes

  • Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique

The outfits that you'll find at Pretty in Pink Flamingo Boutique largely target the younger demographic. So for Baylor University students, PIP Flamingo Boutique is a great clothing shop to stop at!

7. Junkyard Jewel Boutique

Of all the boutiques in Waco, The Junkyard Jewel Boutique is the only one that I'm aware of that carries their own line of hand-poured candles.

In addition to carrying their own Texas candle line, as well as normal items that you'd expect to find in a boutique (e.g. clothes, home goods, jewelry, etc.), Junkyard Jewel Boutique also frequently host events throughout the month.

For example, they've recently hosted:

  • Ladies Night Cookie Class

  • Sip & Shop

  • Hammer & Stain Pallet Workshop

And lots of other fun events!

If you're looking for a fun and unique boutique in Waco, one of the Junkyard Jewel Boutique's events would be a fun place to start!

You can find their list of upcoming events on their Facebook page.

Children's Boutiques

While some of the other boutiques in this article do carry children's products, this section will focus on boutiques that are exclusively for children. They only carry products for kids.

8. Cottontail Jones

Waco has multiple chain store children's boutiques, but only one of them is a locally owned and operated boutique.

Cottontail Jones focuses entirely on kids apparel, toys, accessories and more.

It's a very cool children's boutique and they were kind enough to tell me all about their story, as well as the backstory behind the artwork on the walls inside the store (be sure to ask them about it!).

If you're looking for a local children's boutique in Waco, then you really have just one choice - but, it's a good one!

Antique Stores

While it's generally common to refer to stores that primarily sell antiques as "antique stores", I've noticed that a lot of people lately have been referring to antique stores as "boutiques".

This is likely because most "antique stores" have diversified in recent years to include local vendors and artisans who make everything from candles to wood furniture, handmade apparel and more.

But in order to maintain some level of expectation, I've given these boutiques in Waco their own section so that you are not confused when you walk in the door and 50% of the items (or more) that you see in the store are antiques.

The more traditional "boutique" products will be mixed in with the antique seller booths.

9. Sparrows

Sparrows is a very large multi-vendor boutique, though, that term is used somewhat liberally. The reason I say that is because their options for clothing are somewhat limited, and it's definitely not their focus.

The vast majority of the vendors at Sparrow focus on antiques, carpentry products, metalsmith products, amongst other things.

But, you can definitely find a treasure or two at Sparrows if you have some time to spend walking around all of the 50+ vendor spaces in the store. It's also in a convenient location if you're hanging out downtown since it's right on Austin Ave.

10. LaSalle Shoppes

UPDATE: Unfortunately, LaSalle Shoppes has closed its doors for the last time. After over a decade of business, this boutique store is no longer in operation.

Located in the building that was formerly the home of the Loop Hotel (along with several other businesses), this antique shop is full of treasures; antique and otherwise.

LaSalle Shoppes originally opened their doors in 2011 with just seven vendors, and have been going strong ever since.

LaSalle Shoppes now features over 50+ vendors at any given time so you'll probably walk out the door with something in your hands.

It also happens to be one of the highest rated boutique stores in the Waco area. If you ask locals where you can find the best boutiques in Waco, chances are, Lasalle Shoppes will be on the top of their list.