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As the cost of video games have skyrocketed, having the option to purchase buy now pay later video games has become increasingly popular. If you are looking for buy now pay later video games, you have quite a few options.


In the sections below you will discover that there are quite a few ways that you can buy video games, and pay for them later over time - including no credit check options.

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Let's dive in!

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The "pay in four" industry recently went through a massive boom. It is mostly because all of the companies who started offering it are considered FinTech (Financial Technology) companies which has been experiencing a bubble of sorts over the past decade.

But before the buy now pay later industry went "boom", there was a company that had been offering "four pay" options long before all the others started getting all of the media attention.

That company is QVC.

QVC was started in 1986. And while some people may think of them as that sales channel on TV for old people where you can buy Tupperware or other home goods, it's not. You don't have to wait for QVC to air the next big thing, and then call them on the phone to purchase it on their "buy now, pay later" option.

You can go to the QVC website at any time and search their store just like you would on Amazon, Walmart - or anywhere else - and purchase whatever you want from their inventory.

And not only do they offer buy now pay later video games, they offer 4-pay, 6-pay, and sometimes even 8-pay options on hundreds of thousands of products.

At the time of this article, QVC had all of the following gaming systems listed with buy now pay later options:

  • Xbox One

  • Xbox One X

  • Xbox Series X

  • Nintendo Switch

  • PS4

  • PS5

There are also 437 buy now pay later video games listed on QVC. The games available include everything from FPS, to Strategy, to Online Multiplayer games and more.

QVC Credit Requirements

QVC does not do a credit check for their pay in four options. It's largely based off of your payment history. However, if you fail to pay any of your purchases in full, chances are, you won't be able to purchase from them in the future.

Your debt may also be reported to the credit agencies for failure to pay, so make sure you pay off your buy now pay later video game purchase on QVC on time, every time.


For gamers on a budget looking to score some sweet deals on gaming systems and consoles, you'll want to check out Fingerhut. Like QVC, Fingerhut has been around long before the "buy now pay later" option went mainstream.

This online retailer has been around since 1948, but they're all about the latest and greatest, especially when it comes to video games. And with their buy now pay later (BNPL) options, you can indulge in your favorite gaming systems without breaking the bank.

Fingerhut's catalog boasts a wide range of gaming systems, from Xbox One to Xbox One X to the brand new Xbox Series X. And if you're more of a Nintendo fan, they've got you covered with the Nintendo Switch. And of course, they've got the latest PlayStation consoles too, including the coveted PS5 and the trusty PS4.

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Now, here's the catch - Fingerhut's BNPL options may come with high interest rates and fees, so it's important to read the fine print and make sure you can afford the payments. But if you're responsible and make your payments on time, Fingerhut reports to credit bureaus, which can help you build or improve your credit score over time. And let's face it, who wouldn't want a higher credit score to show off to their gaming buddies?

So there you have it, folks. Whether you're a die-hard gamer or just looking for a good deal on gaming systems, Fingerhut's BNPL options are definitely worth considering. Just don't forget to budget for those inevitable game purchases, because let's be real, you can't have a brand new console without a few games to go with it.

Fingerhut Credit Requirements

Fingerhut does pull a hard credit check when you apply for an account with them. However, Fingerhut typically has a much more lenient credit requirement than more traditional lenders since you can only use that credit line on the Fingerhut store.


Affirm, the buy now pay later (BNPL) company, is like the gaming buddy you never knew you needed. You know, the one who always offers to lend you a few bucks to buy that latest game or gaming system, without any judgment or exorbitant interest rates. And with Affirm, you don't even have to feel guilty about borrowing money to indulge your gaming habit, because they're all about making it easy and accessible for you.

Affirm gives you access to the latest and greatest gaming systems and consoles, like the Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch, PS5, and PS4. And with their BNPL options, you can buy now and pay later, without breaking the bank.

But here's the best part: Affirm doesn't charge any hidden fees or nasty surprises. They'll tell you upfront what you'll owe, so there's no confusion or anxiety about how much you'll end up paying. And their interest rates are reasonable, so you won't be stuck paying back your video gaming purchases for the rest of your life.

Gaming can be an expensive hobby, and sometimes it's hard to budget for all those video games and gaming systems. With Affirm's BNPL options, you can get your hands on the latest games and consoles without sacrificing your rent money or your sanity.

Plus, if you're responsible and make your payments on time, you may even be able to improve your credit score, which will impress all your gaming buddies - and potentially give you access to higher credit limits and better financing options in the future.

If you're a gamer on a budget looking for a way to indulge your passion without breaking the bank, Affirm is your go-to BNPL company.

Affirm Credit Requirements

Affirm is one of the few BNPL options that may charge interest on your purchase, and the exact rate that you will end up paying is determined by a soft pull on your credit. Even if you've been declined for traditional credit cards or loans, Affirm may still approve you for purchases.

Keep in mind that Affirm may also decline you for one online merchant, but approve you for another. I have not found any helpful information about why that might is, or what some of the influencing factors could be, but suffice it to say - it does happen. The best way to use Affirm is by using their Chrome extension.


ZIP was one of the first buy now pay later options that I ever used. When I started using them, they were called QuadPay. As part of an acquisition (or merger), QuadPay became ZIP.

I still use ZIP to this day for occasional purchases just to keep my account open. Out of all of the options in this article for buy now pay later video games, ZIP and Klarna are probably the two easiest BNPL platforms to use.

Much like Klarna, ZIP allows you to pay for just about anything in four payments. Each payment comes with a $1 finance charge, so over the course of 4 payments, you are billed $4.

With a minimum required charge of $35 per purchase, a $4 finance fee is pretty minimal compared to most credit card interest rates. And regardless of the total cost of your purchase, the financing fee doesn't change - it stays $4.

Whether you're purchasing a video game, or a gaming console, ZIP is a good BNPL option for either one. ZIP offers three ways to use their BNPL option:

  1. ZIP Mobile App

  2. ZIP Card (for in-store purchases)

  3. ZIP Chrome Extension (for desktop/laptop purchases)

The ZIP Chrome Extension makes BNPL video game purchases a breeze.

ZIP Credit Requirements

ZIP does not specify a credit score requirement, and they state that they do not make approval decisions based on a credit score. However, they may do a soft credit check when applying for an account.

Keep in mind because it's not a traditional credit card or loan, they may still approve you even if you've been declined elsewhere. Even if that means starting with a very small initial line of BNPL credit.


Afterpay is a buy now, pay later option that does not charge interest on purchases.

That means you can get your hands on the latest video games and gaming systems without having to fork over a ton of extra cash in interest. However, they do charge late fees and other fees if you don't hold up your end of the bargain, so make sure you read the fine print and pay on time.

Can you use Afterpay specifically to buy video games?

Heck yeah, you can! Afterpay partners with a ton of retailers and merchants, so you can use it to buy video games, gaming systems, and just about anything else your gamer heart desires. Just keep in mind that not every merchant accepts Afterpay, so you'll need to do a little research to find out where you can use it.

But once you find a retailer that accepts Afterpay, you'll be able to buy now and pay later, without having to wait until your next paycheck.

Afterpay Credit Requirements

Does Afterpay do a credit check? Well, the good news is that they typically won't do a hard credit check, so you don't have to worry about tanking your credit score just to buy that new video game.

Reportedly, they don't do a soft credit check, OR a hard credit check. They will use other factors to determine your eligibility, however, that may be just as effective (or more so) than a credit check.

Of course they can change their policies and practices at any time, so be sure to check their site for the most updated information regarding credit checks.


Sezzle is a Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) company that allows customers to split their purchases (including video games, and gaming consoles) into interest-free installments over a period of time. The company was founded in 2016 and is based in the United States.

Customers can choose to split their payment into 4 interest-free installments, which are automatically deducted from their bank account or credit card on a bi-weekly basis. Sezzle does not charge any interest, but they do charge a small fee for each payment plan, which is disclosed upfront and included in the total cost of your BNPL video game purchase.

One of the unique features of Sezzle is it uses proprietary technology to assess a customer's ability to repay their purchases based on factors such as their social media presence, employment status, and spending habits - not your credit score.

You can also use the Sezzle BNPL card in-store at select retailers by connecting the card to your digital wallets on Google Pay or Apple Pay.

Sezzle Credit Requirements

Sezzle runs a soft credit check to get a better sense of your overall credit history, but not necessarily a "credit score". Sezzle also has limited options in terms of which vendors may accept their payment card, so they may be more lenient in their conditions for approving someone for their BNPL option since it's a more tightly controlled marketplace.


Klarna is my personal preference when it comes to making a BNPL video game purchase. Their interface is simple to use, and it comes with a Chrome extension that makes any online purchase as easy as it gets.

Klarna also frequently increases my purchase limit. While I don't use the higher limits, it's still nice to have it, especially since it reports to the credit bureaus. My credit score benefits from a high Klarna credit limit, and low usage much like any credit card or credit line.

You can use Klarna at pretty much any store that sells video games, and video game consoles. I've made purchases at Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Target, etc.

Klarna Credit Requirements

Klarna offers two different types of financing:

  1. Traditional Purchase Financing

  2. BNPL Financing

For Klarna's line of credit for their BNPL product, they do a soft credit check. However, if you want to do a purchase with Klarna using their traditional loan product which extends your payments beyond their normal 4-pay option, then they may do an actual credit check.

Having Klarna process a hard check could then result in changes to your overall Klarna account - including your available balance on your BNPL account.


PerPay is another Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) company that allows customers to split their purchases into interest-free installments over a period of time. You can use PerPay to make video game purchases on a Buy Now Pay Later option.

PerPay was founded in 2013 and is based in the United States.

PerPay is different from a lot of the other BNPL options in the sense that they do not just give you a line of credit and you pay it back via debit card on set dates.

Instead, PerPay requires that you have Direct Deposit, and they automatically deduct their payment from your payroll as it's deposited. You're essentially setting PerPay as a direct deposit recipient for a set amount of money.

One of the benefits of PerPay is that your BNPL options can oftentimes be longer than 4 payments. In fact, 6 payments is more common on PerPay which helps break up the cost even more over time. That is nice for larger purchases such as if you're buying a bunch of games at once, or even a gaming console which could easily run into the hundreds.

PerPay does not charge any interest or fees for its payment plans.

One of the unique features of PerPay is its focus on building a community of like-minded customers who are interested in responsible spending and managing their finances more effectively. The company offers a variety of resources and tools to help customers achieve their financial goals, such as budgeting guides and savings challenges.

Overall, PerPay is a relatively small player in the BNPL space, but its commitment to fostering a community of responsible spenders and providing useful financial resources to its customers may make it an attractive option for those looking to manage their finances more effectively.

To become a Perpay member, they require that you meet the following requirements:

  1. Actively maintain full-time employment*

  2. Three months of continuous employment history with your current employer

  3. Paid via direct deposit

  4. Active mobile phone

  5. No active bankruptcies

  6. In good standing with all financial obligations

PerPay also does not currently accept orders from independent contractors, gig-economy workers, or self-employed individuals (unless you own a company that pays you though a third party payroll system).

PerPay Credit Requirements

PerPay does not pull your credit, or review your credit information in any way. Instead, they look at your current financial situation using factors like:

  1. Employment History

  2. Income History & Method

  3. Current Net Pay


If you've heard of QVC, then chances are, you've heard of HSN. As of right now, HSN has a Playstation 5 gaming bundle with accessories listed at just $160 every two weeks, for a total of 5 payments.

There are 500+ other games, accessories and gaming consoles available on HSN, and each one gives you the option to Buy Now, Pay Later with 0% interest through HSN's BNPL program called "FlexPay".

HSN Credit Requirements

Much like the vast majority of other BNPL platforms, HSN does a soft credit check to get a snapshot of your overall credit report - but not necessarily your actual credit score.

Because your BNPL credit line would be limited to purchasing from their store, the chances of approval are generally higher than they would be for someone with poor credit, or no credit, compared to a traditional credit card or loan application.


The upside to utilizing the option for buy now pay later video games is that you can purchase video games without having to spend $60+ at one time. You can break it down into easy payments of $15 - $20 at a time, but get the game in your hands much quicker.

If you just purchased a brand new gaming console that didn't come with a lot of games, then using a buy now pay later option can also be a quick way to purchase several games at once with a low payment.

And if you live in a rural area with limited internet access, it's nice to have hard copies of games that you can play locally, rather than having to play or stream everything online through the gaming console.

The nice thing is, unlike credit cards that charge significant interest rates, buy now pay later options are on a set schedule of four payments. After that fourth payment, it's yours.

No interest (or at least minimal interest). No long-term repayment plan or lingering balances on credit cards.

One last upside is that if you are using a BNPL option that reports to the credit bureaus, then buying video games using a buy now, pay later option is likely a cheap and easy way to build your credit score one video game purchase at a time - assuming you make payments on time.


The downside to utilizing the option for buy now pay later video games is that you are still using a form of credit. You are spending money before you have it, and that money is spoken for before you've even earned it.

The other downside is that some studies have indicated that there are significant financial risks associated with using BNPL options.

Much like any other type of debt, if you fail to pay back your buy now, pay later loan on time, it can result in substantial late fees, and ultimately derogatory marks on your credit report. If you let it go to collections, it can cause even more headaches and financial damages.

As with all things, it's important to spend wisely and never spend more than what you're able to repay. Ideally, you probably wouldn't want to use a line of credit (especially BNPL) for a purchase unless you have the actual cash reserves on-hand to be able to repay it at any time.