12 Recurring Events in Waco You Can't Miss

Here are some of the coolest local, recurring weekly and monthly events in Waco that you simply don't want to miss.

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There are a lot of calendars available out there on social media and various websites. And while I have no desire to add yet another event calendar into the mix, I do want to highlight some of the coolest local, recurring weekly and monthly events in Waco that you simply don't want to miss.


Whether you're looking for things to do in Waco this weekend, or just any day of the week - I've got you covered. If you're into live music, trivia, car races, bicycling, or fancy dinners... it's all here and a lot more.

Without further ado, let's jump into the top recurring weekly and monthly events in Waco:


At this time, there are no noteworthy recurring events scheduled for Monday's in Waco. If you know of one that you think should be included on this list, please reach out to me!


At this time, there are no noteworthy recurring events scheduled for Tuesday's in Waco. If you know of one that you think should be included on this list, please reach out to me!


The Meetup at Startup Waco (Weekly; Year-Round)

Startup Waco is a local startup incubator that was formed out of a unique partnership with the City of Waco. It's also one of the best co-working spaces in Waco for those who want to find a place to work remotely.

If you want to get connected with the local startup community, hear from successful entrepreneurs, and network with the Waco business community - then The Meetup is a great place to plan to be every Wednesday morning.

You're not required to be a member at Startup Waco in order to attend, nor are you required to register or RSVP in advance. Just show up! Coffee is available during the event.

Bridge Street Farmer's Market (Weekly; Weather Permitting)

The Bridge Street Farmer's Market is hosted every Wednesday (except in July and August when it's consistently 100+ degrees) from 5PM - 8PM. It's hosted by the Downtown Waco Farmer's Market and features live music as well as rotating wellness activities such as yoga and hip hop step aerobics.

In the event of bad weather, vendors will move inside of Brotherwell Brewing (400 E. Bridge St) for a mini-farmers market.

On the first Wednesday of every month at 7 PM, Glory Bell Coffee becomes not just a coffee shop, but a place of worship, too. Glory Bell Coffee is owned and operated by the church of the same name, located next door - Glory Bell Church.

A brown sofa inside Glory Bell Coffee where they host events in Waco such as Worship Wednesday.

Inside Glory Bell Coffee

Glory Bell Church is well known both locally, and nationally, as the church who bought gas for hundreds (if not thousands) of people when gas prices peaked a few years back above $4/gallon. It was a story that went viral and earned the attention of millions of people nationwide.

Glory Bell Coffee also happens to be the largest coffee shop in Waco, and quite possibly the largest coffee shop in the entire state of Texas.


Cameron Park Road Ride (Weekly; Year-Round)

If you're an avid biker, or just want to get connected with the local bicycling community, then the Cameron Park Road Ride is always a good idea. It's a no-drop ride with a "go at your own speed" kind of pace. It's fun, conversational and a great way to exercise.

Cameron Park on a cool Fall Day where a lot of events in Waco are hosted near the riverside and on the trails.

Cameron Park Riverside Trail

There are a total of four laps, and each lap has about 600 feet of climbing. So, it's not a walk in the park - but it is a fun challenge.

Front and rear lights will likely be needed and a helmet is required for all participants.

If you enjoy music, write your own songs, and want to perform them in front of an audience... this is a great place to start. Or, if you just want to listen to someone else perform, you can do that too.

That's what Songwriter Thursday is all about. Oh, and of course you can get some delicious food and drinks while you're there. The courtyard, patio and deck seating is something you won't find anywhere near Waco. The Backyard Bar, Stage & Grill is a unique experience regardless of which night you go - but this night in particular can be a lot of fun.

If that's not your thing - they also routinely host special events pretty much every single week featuring local, state and even nationally recognized artists. You can check their website to see what next fun event they have coming up.

If you're into trivia, then Trivia Night at Brotherwell Brewing will be a blast.

Directly from the Brotherwell Brewing website: "It's time to put beers and brains together for Trivia Night. Weekly guest hosts will join us to bring the freshest facts in town. Teams can win prizes, earn pride points, and enjoy your favorite taproom beers."


HOT Speedway Racing (Weekly; Year-Round)

Rain or shine, there will be racing every Friday night at the HOT Speedway. If you're looking for an incredibly fun activity, then this should punch that ticket. Late Model Series, Lite Mod Cars, Kids Power Racing and more are just a few of the fun events that are hosted at this race track week in and week out.

The tickets are cheap (kids 5 and under are free at most events), and the atmosphere is electric. Although, you won't find any electric vehicles racing here. It's all gas, oil, rubber, dirt, mud and pure grit and determination all poured out on the race track all the way down to the finish line.

Some noteworthy events hosted each year at HOT Speedway are their Monster Truck Chaos and Fourth of July Race & Fireworks events.

Da'Shack Farmers Market (Weekly; March - June)

Da'Shack Farmers Market has been open seasonally since 2017. From March - June, they're open to the public every Friday. Da'Shack Farmers Market features organic fruits and vegetables and a variety of plants for sale right from their garden located in downtown Waco.

Starting this year, they're also beginning to host classes and and workshops to the general public throughout the year. You can follow them on social media to get the latest information about any upcoming events, classes or workshops.

This particular event is not weekly, but I've included it on this list because of how special of an event it is. It's an experience you simply can't find anywhere else in the area.

On the last Friday of every month, the award-winning Valley Mills Vineyard hosts their exclusive Wine Club Dinner for their members. This particular event is not open to the public - reservations are only available for members of the wine club. You can become a member of the Valley Mills Vineyard wine club via their website.

Valley Mills Vineyard front sign at the entrance of the vineyard where a lot of events in Waco are hosted.

Valley Mills Vineyard Entrance

Each dinner features a guest chef who is invited into their kitchen to prepare a wine-paired meal for all the dinner guests. Prices for this special event include all food, wine, and service.


Waco Farmer's Market Downtown (Weekly; Year-Round)

Rain or shine, the Waco Farmer's Market in downtown Waco is open for business every weekend. It's the longest operating farmer's market in the region, and has been going strong since 2011.

Downtown Waco Farmer's Market

The downtown Waco Farmer's Market features vendors, artisans and farmers from all around the Waco region. From award-winning wines, cheeses and breads to organic produce, meats and much more, the downtown Farmer's Market is an event you don't want to miss.

It also typically features food trucks, coffee trucks, live music and more.

The Eastside Market (Monthly; Year-Round)

Hosted by Brotherwell Brewing, The Eastside Market is open for business on the third Saturday of every month. It features mostly local creators and artists with products such as candles, shirts, home decor, and a lot more.

Levitt AMP Waco Music Series (Weekly; April - July)

One of my personal favorites is the Levitt AMP Waco Music Series.

It's a series of free concert events hosted at Bridge Street Plaza & Amphitheater in "East Waco" (directionally, it's actually North Waco...) every Saturday evening from April - July. The event is hosted in a newly developed area just across the Brazos River from downtown Waco.

Each event features both well known and up and coming musicians, as well as food trucks, various creative artists showcasing their work, local vendors and more.

It's an incredibly relaxing and fun time, and it's family-friendly with a kid-zone and other fun activities such as an "instrument petting zoo".

If you're wondering what in the world an "instrument petting zoo" is, you're not alone - I was equally confused. But, it's actually a pretty neat experience where kids can hang out with members of the Waco Orchestra and familiarize themselves with various instruments used in performances.

The Levitt AMP Waco Music Series event is hosted in collaboration with Creative Waco, so if you're reading this after the weekly concert series has ended for the year - check out the Creative Waco website to see what other events they've got coming up.


At this time, there are no noteworthy recurring events scheduled for Sunday's in Waco. If you know of one that you think should be included on this list, please reach out to me!