Landlock Fest: 3 Days of Surf, Music, & Food in The Heart of Texas

This is the one inaugural festival you'll want to be able to say, "I was there."

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The Landlock Fest inaugural event is coming up fast! This exciting music festival celebrates the vibrant surf culture in the heart of Texas.

But it's more than just surfing - so much more! With a unique blend of live music from some of the top artists in the music world today, professional surf competitions, and mouthwatering food, the festival brings together the best of surf and inland Americana cultures.

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The inaugural event will be hosted at Waco Surf - one of several water parks in Waco and home to the longest lazy river in the world. Attendees can expect a fun, immersive experience filled with chill beach vibes and unforgettable memories.

You are NOT going to want to miss it!

What is Landlock Fest?

Guests will be treated to a three-day festival brimming with laid-back beach atmospheres, thrilling aquatic activities, competitions, and live tunes by some of today's most popular bands. Many other activities, events, concerts, and more will be infused throughout the event for 3-days of solid, non-stop fun.

Location and Dates of Landlock Fest

Landlock Festival takes place at Waco Surf, located in the heart of Texas, on the outskirts of Waco. The festival will span three days of surf, music, and food.

Mark your calendars for May 3-5, 2024, to experience the thrilling fusion of coastal and inland Americana cultures.

This is the inaugural event for this festival, which is likely to become one of the hottest new annual Texas events hosted each year in the Lonestar State.

What Your Ticket Gets You

Tickets for Waco Surf's Landlock Fest include access to three days of live music, professional surfing, and water park attractions like the "World's Longest Lazy River" and Wedge Body Slides. Attendees also get to enjoy Tiki bars, vendors, yoga, horseback rides, and more. Each ticket grants entry to both the water park and Landlock Fest​​.

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Surfing at Landlock Festival

The Landlock Festival offers thrilling surfing competitions and exciting demonstrations, showcasing the skills of professional surfers. Guests can witness the exhilarating displays of talent and technique as surfers ride the waves with precision and style.

Surfing Equipment Rentals

If you don't have your own surf equipment, you can still ride the artificial waves when you rent surfboards at Waco Surf. They offer both performance and soft top surfboards for rent on-site. 

Performance shortboards are available for $35 plus tax, and soft tops for $25 plus tax. Additionally, there's an optional insurance fee of $35 plus tax for each surfboard that covers any damages or breakages while in your possession. 

For the current inventory or more details, you can contact them directly via email at​​.

Music at Landlock Festival

Festival-goers can expect a diverse lineup of live music performances throughout the event. From local talent to well-known national and international acts, the festival offers a range of genres to suit every musical taste.

Lineup of music performances

Whether you're into rock, reggae, country, indie, or electronic music, with over 20 well-known artists planning to perform at this inaugural event, your musical tastes will not be neglected.

Here's a sample of the artist lineup at Landlock Fest:

1. Young the Giant

Young the Giant is renowned for their infectious blend of indie rock and alternative sounds. Since their self-titled debut album in 2010, which included hits like "My Body" and "Cough Syrup," they've been celebrated for their energetic performances and anthemic songwriting. Their ability to blend introspective lyrics with catchy melodies has garnered them a loyal fanbase and critical acclaim, making them a must-see act at the festival.

2. Midland

Midland brings a refreshing twist to country music with their smooth harmonies and traditional instrumentation, harking back to the genre's classic era. Their 2017 debut album, "On the Rocks," features the Grammy-nominated single "Drinkin' Problem," which showcases their retro style blended with modern sensibility. Their nostalgic sound, combined with genuine storytelling, makes them stand out in the contemporary country scene.

3. Cory Wong

Cory Wong is best known for his vibrant guitar work and association with the funk group Vulfpeck. His solo career has also been noteworthy, characterized by his energetic funk and rhythm-driven music. Wong's performances are a showcase of his technical prowess on the guitar, alongside his ability to engage and energize the audience, making his live shows a rather thrilling experience.

4. Shakey Graves

Shakey Graves, the stage name of Alejandro Rose-Garcia, has made a name for himself in the Americana and folk scenes with his distinctive one-man-band setup and evocative storytelling. Known for songs like "Dearly Departed," his music blends blues, folk, and rock with a raw and intimate delivery. Graves' ability to create a deep connection with his audience through his storytelling and musicality has made him a beloved figure on the festival circuit.

5. The Surfrajettes

The Surfrajettes are a Canadian surf rock band known for their instrumental prowess and their ability to bring a fresh, modern twist to the classic surf rock sound of the 1960s. Their lively performances and retro-inspired tunes have earned them a dedicated following, making them one of the more unique and entertaining acts at the festival.

These artists are just a few highlights of what promises to be an eclectic and memorable lineup at Landlock Fest, offering a mix of genres and styles to cater to a wide range of musical tastes. Their notable achievements and distinct sounds make them acts you wouldn't want to miss.

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Food Options at The Festival

At Waco Surf's Landlock Fest, the food and beverage offerings are set to be a significant part of the festival experience, drawing inspiration from global surf destinations to create a unique culinary landscape. The event promises a range of food options hosted within five themed on-site villages, each reflecting the culinary specialties of notable surf destinations around the world:

  • The Pacific Village will immerse festival-goers in Pacific Island food offerings, featuring a tiki mixology program with special rum selections and an expert tiki mixologist. This village aims to capture the spirit of Pacific surf culture with its tiki stage, cave, and a record store experience in collaboration with Hi-Tide Recordings.

  • The Gulf Village takes on a Texas-centric approach, where attendees can enjoy everything from pitmaster demos to horseback trail rides. Special pop-up bars and experiences will be offered by Lonestar beer and Insolito Tequila, celebrating the local Texan flavor.

  • The Centro Village is set to host the Sandbar Stage and provide a beachside palapa experience where guests can relax with a Pacifico beer and fresh street tacos. It will also feature retail from Howler Brothers, and the Worth and Worth Hat Shop, among others. A highlight includes a late-night, poolside beach dance party.

  • The East Village will appeal to festival epicureans with a variety of vendor shops, a custom gin and tonic bar featuring Fords gin, lobster rolls, White Claw, and late-night pizza slices, showcasing the culinary diversity of the East Coast.

  • The West Village focuses on well-being and will offer a non-alcoholic beer and cocktail program from Athletic Brewing. Health and wellness vendors, green juices, and complimentary yoga for guests lodging on-property each morning will provide a renewal-centered festival experience.

To top it off, each night, up to 100 guests will have the opportunity to partake in themed, intimate farm-to-table dining experiences overlooking Lemur Island and the cable lake, featuring renowned chefs and including tastings such as an Insolito Tequila and taco experience, and a Lone Star Gulf Coast feast​​.

Activities and Attractions at Waco Surf

Waco Surf in Waco, Texas, is not just any ordinary water park—it's a paradise for surf enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike, nestled in the heart of Texas. This place has a unique charm that turns a regular day out into an unforgettable adventure. 

Here are some of the highlights that make Waco Surf the perfect place to attend a surf festival:

1. The Surf Pool

Engineered to perfection, this marvel consistently generates the perfect waves suitable for all skill levels, from the gnarly tubes for the pros to gentle rollers for the beginners. It's like having an ocean in the backyard, minus the sharks and jellyfish!

2. Cabana Rentals

For those who prefer to take in the action from the sidelines, the cabana rentals offer a slice of paradise. These cozy spots provide a comfortable and shaded area to relax, making it the perfect base camp for families or groups. You can lounge, chat, or enjoy a good book with the sound of waves crashing in the background.

3. Beach Volleyball

What's a day at the surf park without some beach volleyball? Waco Surf features sand volleyball courts that bring the beach vibe to life. It's a fantastic way to mix up the fun, whether you're spiking the ball over the net or just cheering on the players.

4. Bar and Grill

All that surfing and playing can work up an appetite, and Waco Surf's Bar and Grill has got you covered. From delicious burgers to refreshing drinks, the menu is designed to refuel and satisfy your cravings. It's the perfect spot to grab a bite and recount the day's adventures with friends.

5. Surf Lessons and Camps

For those looking to improve their skills or take up surfing for the first time, Waco Surf offers lessons and camps led by experienced instructors. These sessions are not only informative but also incredibly fun, making them a great addition to the experience.

6. Events and Parties

Waco Surf is also known for hosting a variety of events, from surf competitions to live music nights. It's a vibrant community hub where you can experience the local culture and meet fellow surf enthusiasts.

Conclusion and Tips for Attending

Landlock Festival offers a unique experience in the heart of Texas that combines surfing, live music, and delicious food. With its vibrant atmosphere, diverse lineup of music performances, and exciting water sports activities, the festival promises a memorable weekend for attendees.

To make the most of the festival, visitors should come prepared with their surf gear, explore the various food vendors, and take time to appreciate the art installations and interactive experiences throughout the grounds. 

Don't miss out on the opportunity to immerse yourself in the surf culture of Landlock Festival and create unforgettable memories.

Tips for enjoying the festival to the fullest

To make the most of your Landlock Festival experience, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • First, arrive early to secure a good spot for the surf competitions and music performances. 

  • Bring sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself from the Texas sun. 

  • Explore the various food destinations and enjoy both local and international cuisines.

  • Lastly, don't forget to take breaks and relax by floating on the “World's Longest Lazy River.”