Mini Golf in Waco | 4 Fantastic Places To Play Putt Putt

Discover the best mini golf spots in Waco, TX! From outdoor fun at Topgolf and Camp Fimfo to indoor excitement at Putters and Tilt Studio, find your perfect putt-putt destination.

Camp Fimfo mini golf course in Waco, TX

If you want to Mini Golf in Waco, you have the option to play a game of putt putt golf in one of four mini-golf locations:

Whether you're looking to go play mini golf in Waco on a date, with the kids, or on your own, each one of these places have their benefits and advantages, so I'll cover each one in detail below.

For instance, two are outdoors, two are indoors. One is a sports bar (not kid friendly after 8 pm), the other is an indoor arcade (kinda pricey). One is near the riverside, the other is on the south side of Waco at the mall, and the other is in the newly developed entertainment district in Waco, while yet another is in the downtown Waco area.

Let's get started - first up, Top Golf Waco!

Topgolf Waco | Outdoor Mini Golf in Waco's Entertainment District

Topgolf Waco is the second newest mini golf spot in Waco. It opened around the same time that the new Cinemark Movie Theater opened up next door.

Not longer after that, Main Event was completed and had their grand-opening. Unfortunately, the Main Event in Waco does not feature mini-golf like many of their other locations do.

But that may be because they already knew Topgolf was coming with a mini-golf course just across the street.

Soon, the entire area around the new Waco movie theater and Topgolf will be part of a the brand new entertainment district for Waco featuring retail, restaurants, entertainment and more.


Topgolf Waco is more than just a golfing place. You can also get drinks, food, and have access to top of the line amenities and features. The mini golf course is of the highest quality and it's a ton of fun to putt the golf ball around on this 9-hole mini golf course in Waco.


The only drawback about this Waco mini golf course is that it's outdoors. That means that during an incredibly hot summer (that's most TX summers), it probably isn't the best idea to play at this mini golf course until later in the evening.

Bonus: Free Mini-Golf Mondays

But during the cooler months, you can bet that this mini golf course is a fantastic place to go get some mini golfing in. Especially on Monday! The first round of mini-golf at Topgolf Waco is free on Monday's, and each subsequent round is $5/player.

Directions to Topgolf Waco:

Camp Fimfo | Outdoor Mini-Golf Course in Waco

The newest course for mini golf in Waco is at Camp Fimfo.

Not only is it the best place to play mini golf in Waco, it's also one of the best places to swim in Waco as well (more on that in a second).

If you have never heard of it - that's ok. It's brand spankin' new.

Entrance sign to Camp Fimfo Waco
Entrance to Camp Fimfo Waco

Camp Fimfo is technically an RV/Tiny House resort that sits on the banks of the Bosque River on the West side of Waco.

But you don't have to have an RV, or rent one of their tiny houses, in order to get access to all of the amenities that the resort offers.

Camp Fimfo mini golf in Waco with trees in the backdrop.
Camp Fimfo Mini Golf in Waco

For $41/person you get access to Camp Fimfo Resort attractions such as:

  • Mini Golf Course (Unlimited Rounds)

  • Outdoor Pool w/ Private Cabanas

  • Hot Tub(s)

  • Water Park

  • No Dive Bar

  • Pickle Ball & Tennis Courts

  • Basketball Courts

  • Playground

  • Yard Games (e.g. corn hole, horseshoes, etc.)

  • Jumping Pillow

  • Movies Under the Stars (seasonal)

Alternatively you can just rent one of their tiny houses, stay on-site in your RV, or rent a traditional camp site for the night and get access to all of those amenities as a part of your overnight stay... your call.

Squirrely's Tavern at Camp Fimfo in Waco, TX
Squirrely's Tavern at Camp Fimfo in Waco, TX

This location for mini-golf in Waco is pretty nifty though, especially when you have access to their Squirrely's Tavern (an onsite bar/restaurant), general convenience store and other outdoor spaces.

The river runs right along the resort as well. And if you stay here for a Baylor Game Day, you can add on a Baylor Tailgating Package which includes a chef-made meal and transportation to/from the game!

Directions To Camp Fimfo Waco:

Putters | Indoor Mini Golf Sports Bar in Waco

I'll be honest - I had no idea this place even existed until I walked by it one day completely by accident.

900 Degree Pizzeria is in front of Putter's Mini Golf in Waco
Putters Mini Golf is behind this pizzeria (that's no longer in business)

I couldn't find a parking spot to go to the pizza place (900 Degree Pizzeria: permanently closed now) that's on the other side of the building, so I had to park in the back of the property.

900 Degree Pizzeria pizza inside the store
A 900 Degree Pizzeria Pizza (I miss this place!)

When I pulled around to the back - Putters was right there in front of me.

Putters Mini Golf in Waco at the front of the building looking up at their sign
Putters Mini Golf in Waco

This location for mini golf in Waco is pretty neat.

It's like a sports bar with a twist. Instead of just going here to sit down to eat, drink and watch the game - you can do a relatively passive, but fun activity instead.

Even better? Putter's is open until 2 AM every day of the week!

Putters Pricing screenshot from their website
Putters Pricing (Source: Putters Website Screenshot)

Just keep in mind that Putter's mini golf sports bar isn't kid-friendly after 8 PM. This is more like an adults putt-putt golf course - not so much a kids place.

Directions To Putters Mini Golf:

Tilt Studio | Indoor Arcade Mini Golf in Waco

And last, but not least - Tilt Studio.

Tilt Studio is mostly a very large arcade inside Richland Mall in Waco, and they managed to squeeze in a small mini-golf course. And I would definitely call it a miniature golf course in every sense of the word miniature.

Tilt Studio entrance sign at the Richland Mall in Waco, TX

I admire anybody who takes a risk to start a business. And for a local family to try to launch such an ambitious endeavor such as Tilt Studio, my hat is off to them.

But to be entirely honest, this Waco mini-golf spot would probably be the place I'd go as a last resort.

I took my kids to Tilt Studio and I'm pretty sure they burned through about $100 in arcade credits in the span of 30 minutes, or less.

It's definitely the most expensive arcade I've ever been to.

We have not been back since.

Directions To Tilt Studio:

However, if the mall arcade video games scene is your thing and spending $100 in 30 minutes on arcade games isn't an issue for you, then Tilt Studio is a great place for hours of fun!

But if I drop $100 for 30 minutes of fun, I'll be honest - I'm probably going to Camp Fimfo.

Or you can take your kid to Putter's before 8 PM where they can play mini golf for $5.

If Tilt Studio ever comes down on their prices, it would certainly be a more difficult choice at that point.