Missinglettr Review | A Powerful Crowd-Sourced Content Distribution Tool

Discover why Missinglettr remains unmatched in social media automation and content distribution, and how it can boost your marketing strategy.

Screenshot of my Missinglettr curate dashboard that I took for my Missinglettr review.

I have been using Missinglettr for approximately two years now. In fact, I had written about it shortly after I started using it because I was amazed at how powerful Missinglettr was.

And while I have not written much about it since, I have not stopped using it - it's as powerful today as it was two years ago. In all of my research over the past two years, Missinglettr still does not have a competitor.


In this updated Missinglettr review, I'll give you the inside scoop as to why it's still incredibly powerful. I'll cover why, even if you use other platforms like Hootsuite, Crowdfire, Socialbee, or others - none of them can do what Missinglettr does, not even close.

A banner of Missinglettr about the auto-campaign generation feature; a topic covered in this Missinglettr Review.

And while I'm not saying you should get rid of any of those social media management tools... I am saying that Missinglettr needs to be added to your social media and marketing arsenal.

Here's a hint as to why you need Missinglettr (especially Missinglettr Curate): Missinglettr is quite possibly the most powerful crowd-sourced content distribution social media management platform available today.

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Missinglettr Curate is a powerful, top-secret content distribution tool that an incredible number of marketers are missing out on simply because they haven't read this article.

Missinglettr Curate is the only place I'm aware of that you can upload a video, blog, or podcast, and potentially have 500+ people queued up to share it with their audience, and distribute it to possibly hundreds of thousands of people on social media.

Missinglettr creator dashboard

In fact - they're encouraged and rewarded for doing so.

All you have to do is post it to the "curate library" on Missinglettr and watch the magic happen.


The Missinglettr Curate Library is basically a digital library on steroids. Imagine a digital library where you could write an e-book as a lead magnet, upload it to the digital library, and potentially thousands of other content creators could find and share your e-book lead magnet with their online networks (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc).

Or a blog post.

Or a YouTube video.

It allows you to multiply your organic reach by thousands and thousands of people in just a matter of seconds. And the tool is designed to reward people who share other creators' content.

View of the Missinglettr Curate Library where users can share, or have their content shared, with other content creators and influencers.
Missinglettr Curate Library

I told you it was powerful.

When you sign up for Missinglettr Curate, it won't take long before you start sharing a bunch of other peoples content, too.

And guess what?

Your audience will love it because no matter how good you are - your audience always wants to read, watch, and listen to more people than just you. So why wouldn't you be the one who shares it with them?

It's that 80/20 rule again (or 70/30, depending on who you ask)!


The Missinglettr Curate library isn't just for blogs or text-based content. You can upload pretty much any type of content that can be added to a website:

  • Video (re: Youtube/Vimeo)

  • Audio (re: Podcasts)

  • Written (re: E-Books, Blogs, News Articles)

  • Images (re: Photography, Magazines, Hobbyists)

If you can create it and/or share it online, chances are there are plenty of people waiting for you to post it so that they can share it with their audience via the Missinglettr Curate Library.

I'm one of them!


Missinglettr Curate works very simply:

  1. Select the content you wish to share with the Curate library

  2. Select the best image/gif/link/hashtag for the Curate Library post

  3. Select the 3 top categories that your content is associated with (e.g., "Travel" as the category if your content is about traveling, and "United States" if it's for travel in the US)

  4. Submit to the Curate library

Over the course of the next 24 hours, the Curate library submission will be in "learning" status. That means that the Missinglettr algorithm is determining which other content creators are most likely to share your specific content.

From there, they will automatically add it to the queue of those who have automated Curation enabled on their accounts, and add it to the "Recommended" queue for everybody else.

It will also be visible via the "Browse" option, where people will discover your content by simply browsing the Curate library for things to share with their audience.

The way that Missinglettr determines who it will be recommended to (or automatically added to social media calendar queues) is based on a few factors, such as:

  1. Categories

  2. Hashtags

  3. Media type (e.g., video, article, podcast)

  4. Length (e.g., 1,500-word article, 5-minute minimum video length, etc.)

As a Curate library user, I can set the parameters for the content that I wish to share with my audience using those same parameters (e.g., length, media type, etc.). If my audience is more video-based, then I probably won't share a ton of blog articles.

On the other hand, if my audience is largely long-form readers, then I may opt to share articles with a minimum of 2,000 words per article (Missinglettr uses their algorithm to determine the length of any content added to the library).


So, a user who wants to share entertainment-related content from the Curate library could have a filter like this:

  1. Auto Scheduling: On

  2. Recommend How Many Days in Advance: 5

  3. Share To: Facebook Page "x", Twitter Account "x"

  4. New Promote Suggestion Frequency: Every Day

  5. Acceptable Categories: Movies, Television, Comedy, Reality TV

With a filter like that, you would be automatically scheduling content from other creators five days in advance so that you can have time (5 days) to review the automatically scheduled content and decline any of it that you don't like.

The content that you will see automatically scheduled will be geared around entertainment-related topics such as movies, television, comedy, and reality TV.

It will only post to the Facebook or Twitter accounts of your choosing.

Missinglettr will also automatically refresh recommendations in your Curate library every day to help you find new, updated content daily if you want to manually browse the Missinglettr Curate library.


The Missinglettr Curate auto-scheduler is something you have full control over. You can set the social media accounts that you want to share content to, as well as a strict, set schedule by which it can be queued.

Missinglettr Calendar showing the automatically scheduled content.
Missinglettr Auto-Scheduled Content

For example, if you want to share Monday and Tuesday between the hours of 11 AM - 3 PM Central Time, then you can set that as your schedule for sharing curated content to your various social media accounts.

This is not limited to scheduling other people's content on Missinglettr Curate. This scheduling tool is available on the regular Missinglettr calendar for your own content as well.


When you set up the auto-scheduler in the Curate library, you have the option to essentially put all new recommended posts on "hold" for "x" number of days so that you can review them.

I generally set it between 3-5 days, depending on how busy I am, so that I have time to do a quick review of all of the automatically recommended and scheduled posts from the Curate library.

In general, most creators use the system properly, and I have no issues with the content that's been selected for me based on my filters. But occasionally, there are auto-scheduled posts that I decline for one reason or another.

Some of those reasons might be:

  • Improperly categorized content

  • Parallel topics but not relevant content for my audience

  • Too close of a competitor to my own products, services, or information

There might be other reasons that you'll discover why you may decline automatically recommended posts, but in general, it's very rare that I do.

I think it's safe to say that 95% of the content that the Curate library automatically schedules for me gets posted to my network(s).


If you are finding a lot of content coming from a single creator on Missinglettr Curate and you'd like to continue sharing more content from them, or see new content as soon as they add it to the library - Well, you can.

Missinglettr Influencer profiles to follow and get notified when they share new content to the curate library.
Missinglettr Curate Influencer Profiles to Follow

You can follow other creators so that you can keep up to date with them - similar to how you can "follow" people on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.


Missinglettr Curate is already powerful enough. However, Missinglettr in and of itself - even without the Curate tool - is just as powerful.

Simply connect an RSS feed from your website and Missinglettr:

  1. Pulls your content automatically into a queue

  2. Automatically creates suggested social media posts for the next 12 months (or however many months you want)

  3. Automatically schedule it to your social media calendar to post over the next 12 months (or however long you told it to schedule them out for)

You can always do it manually by adding each link to each blog individually, but why do that when you can automate the entire process?

Missinglettr calendar showing a weekly view of all social media posts scheduled for the next 7 days.
Missinglettr Calendar View by Week

Even better, now that you've created an entire year of social media posts, you can simply use one of the ones that Missinglettr created for you as your Curate library submission for that particular article!

I currently have half a dozen Facebook pages, two Facebook groups, and LinkedIn and Twitter, all connected to my Medium account (yes, Missinglettr can republish your article to Medium).


The Missinglettr automatic scheduler lets you set a specific schedule for your content.

You can set the schedule for each individual social media account type, so your posting schedule for Twitter can be different from your posting schedule for your Facebook page.

Missinglettr also has set times where they recommend posting based on the social media platform's highest activity, as well as how much interaction your account specifically gets in terms of shares and clicks on the links that are embedded in your posts.


Missinglettr gives you the option to connect your Medium account. Every time you add a piece of content to Missinglettr (manually, or via their automatic RSS feed tool), you have the option of re-publishing it to Medium.

This is a great way to get your content in front of a larger audience, as well as to help with your SEO.

When Missinglettr republishes it to Medium, you simply log in to your Medium account, review the article that was sent over by Missinglettr, and publish!


Missinglettr has previously offered lifetime deals through AppSumo - the lifetime deal software marketplace for relatively new software companies. However, Missinglettr recently raised a significant amount of capital so it's unlikely that they will offer a lifetime deal anytime soon.

It will likely remain on a monthly (or annual) subscription going forward.

You can still take advantage of their latest offers through this exclusive discount link.


Missinglettr is a great social media tool that can help businesses and individuals manage their social media accounts and create engaging social media posts. In this Missinglettr review, we've explored the tool's features, pricing plans, and customer support.

The Missinglettr calendar and schedule templates make it easy to schedule social media posts in advance, while the analytics and campaign settings allow for easy customization and optimization of social media campaigns.

The custom URL shortener and the quote bubble feature are also nice touches that add value to the overall media tool. Moreover, the new Missinglettr Curate is a great tool for creating social media posts that can be easily shared with your audience.

The tool's small business pricing plans, including a free trial and a solo plan, make it accessible to businesses of all sizes. If you're looking for a social media automation tool, Missinglettr is definitely worth trying out.


What is Missinglettr Postbox?

Missinglettr Postbox is what Missinglettr Curate used to be called. The Missinglettr Postbox tool was rebranded to Missinglettr Curate in 2020.

Is there a Missinglettr Lifetime Deal?

No, there are no Lifetime Deal offers for Missinglettr. Missinglettr recently raised a significant amount of investment capital, and they have a substantial user-base - so a lifetime deal offer is not necessary.

Is Missinglettr available on AppSumo?

Missinglettr is not available on Appsumo. Appsumo is a lifetime deal software platform, and Missinglettr does not currently have any lifetime deal offers available.

What are some good Missinglettr alternatives?

There are no true alternatives to Missinglettr Curate as it is the only tool in its space that does what it does—the way that it does it.

There are other social media scheduling tools that do not have the functionality of Missinglettr Curate, such as SocialBee, SocialPilot, HootSuite, OktoPost, RecurPost, and others.