Movie Theaters in Waco | The Complete Waco Cinema Guide

If you prefer Cinemark, AMC, or Regal, they all have movie theaters in Waco, TX. Here is the complete list of every Waco movie theater.

Exterior of Waco Cinemark and XD Movie Theater

Whether you are looking for a drive-in movie theater or a traditional movie theater, Waco has everything you need.

If you prefer Cinemark, AMC, or Regal, they all have movie theaters in Waco, TX. Or, if you prefer a drive-in movie theater experience, you can do that too!

This is the complete list of movie theaters in Waco:

The Last Drive-In Picture Show

The Last Drive-In Picture Show is a traditional drive-in movie theater that has been open since 1950. It has changed hands once or twice but has been managed by the same family now for the past 40 years.

The Last Drive-In Picture Show, the closest Waco movie theater that offers a drive-in movie theater.
The Last Drive-In Picture Movie Theater in Gatesville, TX - Photo by

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It would be nearly impossible for this drive-in movie theater to get a "five-star rating" without a complete overhaul simply due to its age. But it earns a 4.5-Star rating simply for longevity and withstanding the test of time.

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The vast majority of drive-in movie theaters in Texas (and the United States in general) have shut down over the past 50+ years, but somehow The Last Drive-In Picture Show has managed to remain open for the past 60+ years.



Side Note: This drive-in movie theater is technically not "IN" Waco, but it is NEAR Waco, TX. It's only a 30-minute drive from Waco to Gatesville where this drive-in movie theater is located.

This movie theater shows brand new releases, which is great for box office fans who like to catch new films on the big screen under the big, starry Texas sky.

While there are quite a few open drive-in movie theaters in the state of Texas, (and in Central Texas in general) The Last Drive-In Picture Show is the closest drive in movie theater to Waco.

The next closest drive-in movie theater is at least an hour or more away from Waco.

Pricing at The Last Drive-In Picture Show

The last time I checked, you could go see a movie at this drive-in movie theater for just $10 per car, regardless of how many people are in the vehicle. You won't beat that price anywhere else in the Waco area to go see a newly released movie.

We recently went to go see a movie at Cinemark Waco and XD and for a family of five, it was around $45 just for tickets, and another $20-$30 for concessions and drinks. At The Last Drive-In Picture Show it would cost about 1/4 the amount we spent at Cinemark.

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Considering it takes us about 20 minutes to get to Cinemark, it's definitely worth the extra 10-minute drive for 1/4 the cost to see a movie with our whole family.

We went and watched The Bad Guys at The Last Drive-In Picture Show with the kids, and it cost just $10 for all of us. We brought our own snacks when we went, but next time we'll probably purchase concessions since that's the best way to support the future of the drive-in theater.

The Experience

Our latest experience at The Last Drive-In Picture Show was fun and we plan on going back again. The facilities are definitely dated, but I'll take a dated drive-in movie theater over no drive-in movie theater at all.

We could drive the 2-hour trek towards Dallas to a really nice, newer drive-in movie theater, but being able to drive only 30 minutes is much more convenient.

The Newest Waco Movie Theater: Cinemark Waco and XD

The Cinemark Waco and XD movie theater is one of the newest movie theaters in Waco. It's a beautifully designed movie theater with a grand lobby and concession area with massive floor-to-ceiling windows, lounge spaces and a gaming area.

I made sure that I attended the Grand Opening at this new Waco movie theater location, and I'm glad that I did.

It's designed to be a five-star experience, and it is.



The front of the newest Waco movie theater - Waco Cinemark and XD Movie Theater
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