4 Authentic New Orleans Candle Companies

If you are on the hunt for authentic New Orleans candles, you've come to the right place. Located just a short three-hour drive from the Texas border, New Orleans, LA is a wonderful city, rich in a unique heritage of Spanish, French and African influences that are uniquely blended into the culture and the very fiber of the people who call it home.

Each year, over 18 million people visit New Orleans, and due to how close New Orleans is to Texas, many of those visitors are Texans.

Some of those who go back to visit New Orleans are people who lived there at one point but have moved to Texas over the years - for one reason or another - and frequently go back to visit.

a New Orleans streetcar at the Dumaine St. stop in New Orleans, LA.

Regardless of whether you just enjoy visiting New Orleans, or you are originally from there, chances are, many of your memories of this enchanting city are connected to scents.

Which would not be surprising, considering humans are 100 times more likely to remember the things we smell over the things that we see, hear or touch according to research conducted by Rockefeller University.

New Orleans Candles

While there are dozens of companies that make New Orleans scented candles, there are very few genuine NOLA candle companies, where the candles are actually made by authentic New Orleanians.

The good news is that, even if you do not live in NOLA, there are candles that authentic New Orleans candle companies are making so that you can enjoy the scents of New Orleans no matter where you are.

These candle companies make New Orleans scented candles that offer scents such as chicory coffee, beignets, taffy, the river or even the scents of magnolia and gardenia flowers.

Authentic New Orleans Candle Companies

In my search for authentic New Orleans candle companies, the criteria for me was simple:

  1. The owner needs to have been born, or raised, in New Orleans.

  2. Or, they must live in New Orleans today regardless of where they were born/raised.

  3. They cannot be major, international brands.

That being said, these are the four New Orleans candle companies that met my criteria, and ended up on my list:

These are not massive candle manufacturers with factories that pump out millions of candles each year. They are small, local owner operators who hand-pour every single candle that gets sent to your door. You can typically only find their candles at small boutiques, online on their website, or at farmers and holiday markets.

These authentic New Orleans candle companies produce everything you can possibly think of that could remind you of New Orleans. They create scented candles with fragrances like Cinnamon, Jasmine, Cedarwood, Vanilla, Beignet, Patchouli, and more.

These candles will teleport you to places like the Garden District, Mardis Gras, Cafe Du Monde, the Riverwalk and many other places throughout New Orleans.


Parish Scents is an authentic New Orleans Candle company that makes New Orleans Candles and New Orleans scented wax melts.

Parish Scents is owned and operated by Gienine, a born and raised New Orleanian whose roots run deep in the heart of the city going back several generations.

From the owner:

"I was born in Uptown New Orleans on the east bank of the Mississippi River where my mom worked at various hospitals around the city. Eventually she saved up enough to purchase a house in New Orleans East where I lived until the age of 16. Then, I moved further into downtown New Orleans just before Hurricane Katrina devastated the city."

"Regardless of what we have faced throughout our history, the spirit that is engrained in the people of New Orleans remains the same. The New Orleans candles that I make are my small way of sharing a small piece of this beautiful, historic and resilient city - my home - with the world."

- Parish Scents

Parish Scents; a New Orleans candle company that sells New Orleans scented candles.

Parish Scents candles are all hand-poured with great care and design, and each candle is given a New Orleans themed name that captures the essence of the city and the scent combination used to craft the candle.

Some of Parish Scents best-selling New Orleans candle scents are:

  • A NOLA Kinda Morning

  • Midnight In the French Quarter

  • Bourbon Chai Toddy

  • Eating Saltwater Taffy at Audubon Zoo

  • Praline Candy

  • Coffee House

  • Beignet

Parish Scents strongest smelling candle is probably the one with the most 5-star reviews online which is their candle called "Midnight In The French Quarter".

This New Orleans Candle company does not have a physical brick-and-mortar store, but they do frequently attend farmers markets in both Louisiana and Texas where all their products are often sold out by the days end. You can also order Parish Scents New Orleans candles online via the website below.

Parish Scents Website: ParishScents.com


Wicks NOLA was started in New Orleans, LA and is owned and operated by Tiffany Brown.

From the owner:

"While searching for luxury brand, clean burning candles, I found some that I loved, but noticed they were overpriced. So, I took matters into my own hands. I learned to create my own clean burning, vegan home fragrances and ultimately expanded to offer room sprays, wax melts and, diffusers....... I believe everyone deserves healthy fragrances without breaking the bank, so I also created my candle line at a fair price for all to enjoy."

- Wicks NOLA

New Orleans candles as displayed on the website of Wicks NOLA; a New Orleans candle company.

Whether you're looking for Bourbon Creme, Brunch and Booze, or a 504 Kind of Energy candle, Wicks NOLA carries multiple uniquely New Orleans scented candles that will transport you right back to the streets of your favorite city.

One of my personal favorites from NOLA Wicks during Carnival season is probably the candle called "Krewe".

Up until recently, Wicks NOLA had a physical location, but Hurricane Ida (2021) caused irreparable damages that forced them to close their store indefinitely. Then they opened a new store on Magazine Street in New Orleans, but that burned down due to a fire (it was not started by a candle - it was an electrical fire).

However, that has not stopped them from creating and selling candles - and selling out on a regular basis. You can order from them via their website below, as well as at various outdoor markets in Louisiana and Texas. Their candles can also be found at select boutique stores in LA, and TX as well.

Wicks NOLA Website: ShopWicksNola.com


NOLA Queen Candles is a locally owned and operated candle shop based in New Orleans, LA.

From the owner:

"Great pride is taken in the fact that my products are all blended, poured and packaged by hand. My objective is to provide the best in quality home fragrance at an affordable price. I only offer the highest quality wax candles in various sizes, as well as wax melts. My candle scents are inspired by the spirit and fragrances of New Orleans."

"All of my candles are handcrafted and poured in small batches in my candle studio. Handcrafted is defined as skillful creation by hand as opposed to by mass production or use of machinery. So a personal touch goes into each and every candle that I craft."

- NOLA Queen Candles

Screenshot of the home page of NOLAQueenCandles.com; a company that makes New Orlenas candles.

NOLA Queen Candles makes New Orleans scented candles like Creole Queen, Black & Gold, French Market and more. If you are looking for more traditional scents, NOLA Queen Candles makes those too!

While Black & Gold may be a pretty typical name for a New Orleans candle, I'm always a sucker for anything Saints related - so that's my go to candle from NOLA Queen Candles.

While they do not have a physical store that you can go to, you can order from their website listed below:

NOLA Queen Candles Website: NOLAQueenCandles.com


Vieux Carre Candle Co was created by owners Melissa and Randy in 2017 with the goal of creating a non-toxic candle that represents the city of New Orleans well, while not compromising the health of the person using the candle in their home.

From the owner:

We started our company because we have always loved candles but wanted something that was non-toxic and higher quality than your typical soy candles in the big box stores.

Besides making a candle that's safe for your family and better for the environment, we wanted something that really spoke about where we are from and represented the city that we love so much.

- Vieux Carre Candle Co

The home page of Vieux Carre Candle Co. which is a New Orleans based candle company that makes New Orleans themed candles.

Vieux Carre Candle Co offers New Orleans candles with scents like French Quarter, Jackson Square, and St. Charles Ave, as well as seasonal or holiday-based scents such as Voodoo (Halloween), King Cake (Mardi Gras), and Apple Cider Doughnut (Fall).

If you are in the New Orleans area, you can find their candles at a few local boutique stores. A visit to New Orleans is not required if you want to get one of their fabulous New Orleans candles. You can order online via their website below.

Vieux Carre Candle Co Website: VieuxCarreCompany.com

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