A gold-colored light fixture hanging from the ceiling at Reign Coffee Co in Waco, TX

Reign Coffee Co | A Locally Owned Coffee Shop Near China Spring

It's the only coffee shop West of Waco

Reign Coffee Co | A Locally Owned Coffee Shop Near China Spring

It's the only coffee shop West of Waco

If you take 18th Street West toward China Spring, and you're looking for a coffee shop on that side of Waco, you won't find any other coffee shops in the area. Reign Coffee Co is your only option.

The good thing is, Reign is a great option! In fact, if you want to find a local coffee shop where the barista's remember your order, then Reign Coffee Co is probably the place. Or maybe that's just because I go so often 🤦.

Reign Coffee Co is located just a few miles West of Waco on 18th Street (which turns into China Spring Road). The address is 10214 China Spring Rd Suite 100, Waco, TX 76708.

It's located on the corner of a one-story commercial building with several suites that house multiple other businesses including The Buckle (a Texas-based restaurant), and The Wild Flower Florist (a flower shop).

History and Background

The restaurant is owned by a local couple who are both in the medical field. They've always wanted to open a local business, and despite the challenges of running a food and drink business, they eventually settled on starting a coffee shop.

I, for one, am glad they did!

The Coffee and Drinks Menu

Reign Coffee Co has both a full-time menu, and a seasonal menu that changes throughout the year. Here is the full-time menu:

Reign Coffee Co menu for their coffee shop location in Waco Texas

Reign Coffee Co Menu

Their seasonal menu for the Spring season usually looks something like this:

Reign Coffee Co Spring Seasonal menu

Menu by Reign Coffee Co

I tried the Honey Latte as part of the Spring menu, and it was delicious. However, my go-to drink is usually the Iced Caramel Macchiato.

I go to a lot of coffee shops and one of the issues that I frequently encounter is the quality and taste of the drinks varies depending on who is making it. In a perfect world, that should not be happening. When you go to a restaurant, tea house, coffee shop, etc., the taste and quality of what you eat or drink should be consistent every time you go.

The Reign Coffee Co sign at the front of their store

Photo by ExpertTexan

And that's one thing I will note about Reign Coffee Co is that their barista's consistently make the same drinks over and over again without flaw. I have purchased probably 50+ drinks from Reign Coffee over the past year, and every single time, it tastes exactly the same as the last time.

That's one of the signs of a high-quality, well-run coffee shop.

Food and Pastry Menu

Out of all the food items available at Reign Coffee Co, I've only tried the Cinnamon Roll. And it is really good!

I tend to prefer my Cinnamon rolls to have a consistent texture from the outside, all the way into the center. At Reign Coffee, that's not the case. The Cinnamon roll is a little more firm and crispier along the outer parts, and as you unravel it and close in on the center, it becomes softer and what I might even define as "mushy."

But, it's not bad. It really is good. I just typically don't eat the center of the roll, because that's not my vibe.

Atmosphere and Ambiance

Inside the coffee shop you'll find a few tables and chairs, as well as a lounge area featuring a couch and comfortable lounge chairs sitting beneath a neon sign that says, "Stay awhile."

Inside couch and chair lounge area at Reign Coffee Co in Waco, TX

Photo by ExpertTexan.com

The vibe is down to earth and relaxing. At no point do you feel like you're being rushed to leave. In fact, it's not uncommon to see groups of people inside laughing, drinking coffee and having a good time all the way up until closing time.

Community Involvement

Reign Coffee Co is the beating heart of the local community, always eager to collaborate and support fellow businesses. Step inside the cafe and you'll find more than just exceptional coffee – you'll discover a hub of creativity and partnership.

Fancy learning the art of cookie baking and decoration? Keep an eye out for their hands-on classes, often hosted in tandem with local culinary experts. And as you savor your latte, take a moment to browse the carefully curated selection of goods from neighboring artisans. From aromatic candles to luxurious lotions and trendy t-shirts, Reign Coffee Co provides a space for local entrepreneurs to showcase their wares.

They're also staunch supporters of the local China Spring Independent School District and their teaching and coaching staff.


I've visited countless coffee shops over the years, and frequently visit all of the locally owned coffee shops in the Waco area. Of all the coffee shops, Reign Coffee Co truly stands out from the rest. It's not just about the delicious drinks and tasty treats (although those are definitely top-notch) – it's the sense of community and belonging that keeps me coming back.

Every time I step inside Reign Coffee Co, I feel like I'm part of something special. Whether I'm catching up with friends over a Honey Latte or getting some work done while savoring a Caramel Macchiato, I always feel welcome and at home.

What I love most about this place is how they go above and beyond to support the local community. From collaborating with other businesses to showcasing the work of local artisans, Reign Coffee Co is all about lifting up their neighbors and celebrating the talent and creativity of the China Spring area.

So, if you ever find yourself on the west side of Waco, do yourself a favor and check out Reign Coffee Co. Trust me, you won't be disappointed. And who knows – you might just find yourself becoming part of the Reign Coffee Co family, like I have.