The BEST Waco Coffee Roasters | 2024

Explore the best of Waco coffee roasters! Discover local favorites like THRST, Bridge City, and more for a taste of Texas' finest beans.

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Welcome to the aromatic world of Waco coffee roasters! If you’re a caffeine aficionado seeking the perfect brew, Waco, TX, is your ultimate destination. It’s where the rich, full-bodied flavors of meticulously roasted coffee beans come alive.

Here, a vibrant community of passionate roasters work tirelessly to provide every coffee lover with a uniquely Wacoan experience. As we traverse the Waco landscape, we’ll unearth tales of tradition, innovation, and unwavering commitment to quality.

Whether you’re a local or a globe-trotting coffee enthusiast looking for specialty coffee, our guide to Waco coffee roasters will lead you on a journey through the heart of the Texan coffee scene. So, buckle up, coffee devotees! It’s time to explore Waco’s bustling coffee culture, one roaster at a time.


THRST Coffee, one of the newest Waco Coffee Roasters.

THRST Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffee shop. But before they became a full-blown coffee shop, they first perfected the roasting side of the business.

The owner of THRST Coffee learned from some of the best in the business at another local coffee roaster known as Chaney Brothers Coffee Roasters located in Crawford, TX.

After learning the trade and developing a firm understanding of the science behind sourcing, blending, and roasting coffee beans, he set out to test and develop his own brand of coffee with a unique set of flavors and blends.

And the rest is history.


Bridge City Waco is a branch of the “Bridge City” brand on the East Coast. The owners of both Bridge City Waco and Bridge City have been friends for quite some time, and so as Bridge City was looking for an opportunity to expand, it was a natural move to go with someone they trusted and had experience in the coffee roasting industry.

So, Bridge City Waco was born. Bridge City Waco is known to partner with other roasting companies in the Central Texas region, in addition to selling their beans directly to the consumer, as well as to coffee shops in the area. You’ll frequently find Bridge City Waco set up at the downtown Waco Farmer’s Market and other local events in the region.


@experttexan Chaney Brothers Coffee Shop & Roaster is a well known coffee spot near Waco, TX. They have some of the smoothest beans you can buy in all of Central TX. Fun fact, they're located in Crawford, TX where former President Bush and his wife own a ranch 💁 #bestcoffeespot #coffeeroaster #txcoffeeshop #wacotexas ♬ original sound - experttexan

Chaney Brothers is a coffee roaster located in Crawford, TX – just a short 10-15 minute drive outside of Waco. If the town sounds familiar, it’s likely because Crawford, TX is the same town where the Bush family owns a ranch.

Sitting in a historic, one-story building in Crawford, Chaney Brothers has made an impact on the coffee scene in both Waco, and the region in general. Even if you have not visited their coffee shop, you’ve likely tasted their coffee since they sell their beans to a lot of other coffee shops. Chaney Brothers coffee roaster has also been instrumental in helping other coffee shops and roasters get started.

You can find their coffee beans in their coffee shop in Crawford, or online.


Native Sons Coffee Roaster is located in Waco, TX. This coffee roaster is owned by what you might call a “power couple” who are heavily invested in Waco with multiple food & drink related businesses that range from coffee, to pizza, to ice cream.

But coffee is where they got started. And since they own multiple coffee shops (including Common Grounds), it makes sense that they’d want to also control the quality and consistency of their roast, so their coffee roasting brand, Native Sons, was established in 2018 and has been going strong ever since.


Pinewood Roasters was established in 2014 as a coffee house, coffee roaster and brewery. One of the things that you can say about the coffee as Pinewood Coffee House is that their brews are consistent. No matter what time of day you go, you’ll always get the same delicious flavors derived from consistent, high quality beans.

They’ve achieved that because they source and roast their own beans, and have since day one. Much like the other coffee shops in Waco, you can order Pinewood Roasters in-house roasted beans online, or just buy them in person, or buy them online and pick up in person at the Pinewood Coffee Bar.


The apex of a curve on the race track, the orange and blue colors derived from the Gulf Oil Ford GT, APEX Roasters is designed exclusively from a passion for racing. And coffee.

The owners of Dichotomy Coffee in downtown Waco, TX (one of the oldest, longest operational coffee shops in Waco) have followed the trend of nearly every coffee shop and roaster in town. Though, perhaps they didn’t “follow” anybody, but rather, they set the trend.

After launching their highly successful coffee shop on Austin Ave, they too decided that they wanted to be in control of their own fate in terms of quality and consistency of their beans. So, they launched a coffee roasting business. Now, other coffee shops throughout the region also use their beans.

You can find their beans at Dichotomy Coffee in downtown Waco, or you can buy their beans online.


BRU Roasters has a deep connection with history. Not only are their two coffee shops located inside two of the oldest buildings in downtown Waco, but they’re also the oldest coffee roaster in the city.

They started in 2012, and have been roasting beans ever since. In 2016, they opened their first coffee shop and have since expanded to two locations in these historic Waco buildings:

  • Praetorian (1915)

  • Anthem Stories (Built in 1922)

BRU Roasters is a micro-batch flame roaster. Bru Roasters is a direct-trade, micro-lot varietals, rainforest alliance roaster.

Buy Bru Beans: In-Person Only


As our journey through the Waco coffee roasting scene draws to a close, we're left with the indelible impressions of the passionate artisans we've met along the way.

From the flavor-conscious practices of THRST Coffee Roasters to the community-driven ethos at Bridge City Waco, each roaster brings its unique flavor to the Wacoan coffee landscape.

Chaney Brothers' commitment to sourcing ethical beans, the exceptional craft of Native Sons Coffee Roasters, and the innovative roasting techniques at Pinewood Roasters are all part of the essence that makes Waco a coffee lover's heaven.

And who could forget the one-of-a-kind experience at APEX Coffee Roasters, or the gastronomical artistry at BRU Artisan Coffee Works?

These renowned Waco coffee roasters weave a tapestry of taste, tradition, and innovation, ensuring that each cup brewed in this vibrant city is a salute to the rich culture of coffee roasting. In Waco, every sip tells a story, one that will keep you coming back for more.

The only question that remains... which one are you buying beans from first?

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