9 Waco Wineries: Unveiling the Hidden Gems

Explore Waco's best wineries offering unique Texas wines with warm hospitality. Plan your vineyard visits for a memorable tasting experience near Waco, TX.

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Prepare to embark on a delightful journey of Waco wineries throughout the countryside that surrounds the city of Waco, Texas, as we reveal the best-kept vineyard secrets in this central Texas region. Though the city of Waco itself is not home to any vineyards, nestled amidst breathtaking landscapes nearby, there are hidden gems that offer a captivating blend of luxurious wines, picturesque vineyards, and warm Texan hospitality.

Must-Visit Waco Wineries

I'll share short backstories behind each winery, where passion meets craftsmanship to create unforgettable tasting experiences. Ultimately you will not just want to take my word for it. You'll want to experience it yourself. This is simply a starting point so that you can plan out which of the Waco vineyards and wineries you want to visit first.

From boutique family-run vineyards to innovative winemaking techniques, each destination on this list promises a unique and enriching wine-sipping encounter. Here are the Waco wineries we'll explore together in this article, along with how far away they are (by car) from the Alico building downtown:

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1. Waco Winery & Vineyards (7.6 Miles)

In 2015, it was announced that the original owners of Tehuacana Creek Vineyards and Winery had sold the majority interest of the winery and vineyard to close friends who would be taking over the operations.

The new ownership did not take much time to start modernizing operations, and improving the overall selection of wine available through their winery. They've also updated aspects of the vineyard, including the tasting room.

With a tasting room capable of hosting up to 50 people, the Waco Winery & Vineyard offers a variety of wines, including port-style dessert wines, chardonnays, petite sirahs, and cabernet sauvignons.

Hours, Services & Location

The Waco Winery & Vineyard is not open to the public every day, so you will want to call in advance to see if they are open to the public on the day you are hoping to visit.

They also provide the following services:

  • Custom wine bottle labeling for your special event

  • Event space rentals (e.g. wedding, reception, graduation)

  • Public & private events hosted by Waco Winery & Vineyard

2. Country Spring Vineyard & Wine Garden (15.9 Miles)

Mary and Curtis Timmons embarked on a wine-making journey that started in their kitchen and laundry room. What began as a fun hobby quickly developed into a passion project. Mary attended classes and workshops while they both learned extensively from local vineyards.

Determined to take their endeavor to new heights, they decided to grow their own grapes a few years before Curtis retired. In 2013, they planted their first one acre of grapevines, marking the beginning of Country Spring Vineyard.

With their vineyard expanding, the couple found their utility room filled with fermentation tanks and winemaking equipment. It became clear that their hobby had transformed into something more significant.

In 2018, Curtis made the decision to build a winery. The official Country Spring Vineyard Winery and Tasting Room opened its doors in 2019, conveniently located next to their flourishing vineyard.

Today, Country Spring Vineyard boasts over 4 ½ acres of grapevines and more than 3000 individual vines. Their dedication and hard work result in a remarkable array of red, white, and specialty wines, all made from grapes grown right in Central Texas.

Hours, Services & Location

The winery is open during the weekends, specifically on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Visitors can enjoy their time from 1 pm to 7 pm. While pets are not permitted, the vineyard has its own dogs that freely roam the vineyard and outdoor spaces. Well-behaved children and teenagers are warmly welcomed to the winery.

3. Kissing Tree Vineyards (20 Miles)

Having started their journey as high school freshmen, the owners of the winery built a deep connection under the ancient hackberry tree. The tree witnessed their first kiss, igniting not only a blossoming romance but also a shared love for wine. Over the years, their passion grew, leading them to establish a winery just a stone's throw away from the embracing shade of that very same tree, appropriately named the Kissing Tree.

At Kissing Tree Vineyards, visitors can enjoy live music, savor cheese trays, and indulge in a selection of premium cigars. The owners aspire to impart their passion for wine to others, creating an atmosphere where guests can find both a taste of their exquisite wines and a reminiscent touch of romance in life itself.

Hours, Services & Location:

The winery invites individuals to consider hosting their special events at their picturesque venue. Whether it's a wedding, bridal shower, birthday celebration, or corporate gathering, the addition of wine is bound to enhance the occasion.

Those who are interested are encouraged to reach out and connect with the winery's event planning team, who are dedicated to assisting in creating a flawless and memorable experience at their charming establishment.

The winery operates from Monday to Saturday, from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, providing visitors with ample time to enjoy their offerings. However, they are closed on Sundays. The winery does observe closures on specific holidays such as Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, and Thanksgiving.

4. Valley Mills Vineyard (24.6 Miles)

Valley Mills Vineyard - one of several award winning Waco wineries
Award-Winning Vineyard - Photo by ExpertTexan

Valley Mills Vineyards is an award-winning wine vineyard that takes pride in crafting exceptional wines exclusively from 100% Texas-grown grapes grown at their own vineyard in Valley Mills, TX. With a deep passion for viticulture at the core of their operations, they employ meticulous care in tending to their multiple vineyards.

Red Wine Program

photo of person pouring wine into glass besides some cheese pairings
Photo by Ray Piedra on Pexels.com

The Red Wine Program offered by the winery includes a selection of Tempranillo, Grenache, Mourvedre, and Cabernet Sauvignon. To ensure the utmost quality, only premium grapes sourced from McLennan and Bosque Counties, as well as the Texas High Plains, are utilized in their wine production.

To achieve the desired depth and complexity, their red wines undergo a careful aging process of 12-24 months in meticulously selected French and American oak barrels. This meticulous approach to crafting their red wines results in a truly exceptional drinking experience.

White Wine Program

wine glass
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

The White Wine Program offered by the winery showcases a range of Viognier, Vermentino, and Muscat Canelli. These grapes are carefully grown in Texas, and the winemaking process concentrates on achieving aromatic intensity and a harmoniously balanced palate.

Typically, the white wines undergo fermentation and aging in stainless steel tanks, allowing the vibrant flavors to shine. After this process, the wines are released within a span of 6-12 months from the harvest, ensuring their freshness and optimal quality.

The result is a collection of white wines that truly exemplify the best of their varietals and reflect the essence of the region.

Hours, Services & Location:

Visitors are welcome to explore their winery in Valley Mills, TX, where you can enjoy a memorable experience. The winery welcomes guests daily from 12 PM to 6 PM, providing plenty of opportunity to discover and enjoy their wine products.

The Winery also offers its venue for exclusive private dinners, celebrations, and intimate weddings. They specialize in hosting events with a guest count of 120 or fewer during evening hours. Those interested in booking an event are encouraged to reach out to Sarah, the Tasting Room Manager, via email at events[at]valleymillsvineyards.com for inquiries and further information.

They also frequently host special events, including exclusive monthly Wine Club Dinners for their wine club members. The Valley Mills Vineyard team is currently planning a once-in-a-lifetime special event for the total solar eclipse that will take place in 2024. This one-time event is limited to the first 100 people who register to attend.

5. Red Caboose Winery (35.3 Miles)

The entrance to Red Caboose Winery; one of several Waco wineries
Red Caboose Winery - Photo by ExpertTexan.com

Red Caboose Winery originated from the visionary concept of its owner, Gary McKibben. Seeking to blend Old World winemaking traditions with modern sustainable practices, McKibben's mission was to harmonize with nature while crafting unmatched infusions. Over time, his experimentation with flavors expanded beyond winemaking, leading to the establishment of a distillery and even venturing into crafting beer.

The winery derives its name from the Red Caboose, a significant element in McKibben's venture. In 2003, he acquired and relocated the Red Caboose to the property, which later became an iconic backdrop at the Meridian vineyard.

In 2005, the winery produced its inaugural bottle, followed by the opening of the Meridian location in 2007, setting a course for an illustrious history.

Today, the vineyard in Meridian and the Red Caboose Distillery in Clifton offer an array of sweet and dry wines, with many more offerings on the horizon since the first bottle was sampled.

Beyond their exceptional libations, Red Caboose has become a popular tourist destination, drawing visitors for the warm fellowship, captivating musical acts, and other delightful experiences that have elevated it to a cherished local establishment in Bosque County, Texas.

Red Caboose Winery stands out among Texas wineries due to its unique combination of sustainable modern techniques and time-honored practices passed down through generations.

Notably, all their wine varieties are crafted with minimal sulfite content and are produced from estate-grown grapes utilizing the traditional methods of winemaking. Gary McKibben, the owner, continues his exploration of flavors at the distillery bearing the same name, expanding their offerings to include craft beer.

The winery distinguishes itself in its approach to red wines, never filtering them and opting to age vinifera in American white oak barrels for up to 36 months before bottling and cellaring.

Their red wine collection, including Tempranillo, Syrah, Tannat, Touriga Nacional, Zinfandel, and Black Spanish (Lenoir), consistently garners awards and medals in statewide, national, and international competitions.

Red Caboose Winery's exceptional achievements include winning nine Best in Texas Awards at Grapefest in Grapevine. In the esteemed Houston Livestock Rodeo Wine Competition, their red wines have earned over 60 medals.

Their Red Caboose Port obtained a double gold medal and best of show recognition in the 2012 Finger Lakes International Wine Competition in New York. The entire wine family has also been the recipient of numerous gold and double-gold medals, further solidifying their reputation for excellence.

The Wine Selection

close up photo of brown labeled bottles
Photo by Ion Ceban @ionelceban on Pexels.com

Red Caboose Winery offers an impressive array of red wine varieties, including several Tempranillos, Tempranillo blends, Syrah, Merlot, Malbec, Touriga Nacional, Lenoir, Zinfandel, Cabernet, Fran/Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, and various other red blends.

In addition to their red wines, the winery also features a selection of white wine varieties. These include Banc Du Bosque, Viognier, and Roussanne.

An Environmentally Sustainable Winery

Red Caboose Winery demonstrates a commitment to environmental sustainability through the implementation of geothermal systems powered by renewables. By utilizing solar panels, the winery collects electricity which is then transferred to the geothermal system, effectively providing year-round heating and cooling elements for the facility.

Hours, Services & Location:

Whether you want an intimate gathering or a larger-scale celebration, the Red Caboose Wine Vineyard offers a stunning backdrop for outdoor and indoor events of all kinds, including, but not limited to:

  • Weddings and wedding receptions

  • Engagement parties

  • Anniversary celebrations

  • Birthday parties

  • Corporate retreats or meetings

  • Graduation parties

  • Family reunions

  • Bridal or baby showers

  • Holiday parties

  • Retirement parties

  • Wine-themed dinners or galas

  • Art exhibits or gallery openings

  • Networking events

  • Charity fundraisers

  • Wine auctions

  • Product launches or showcases

To explore the endless possibilities and get detailed pricing information, simply contact the winery directly or fill out the provided contact form on their website. They are always happy to schedule a private tour for you and discuss the details for your upcoming special occasion. or event.

Red Caboose Winery is open to visitors from Thursday to Saturday, welcoming guests from 12 PM to 8 PM. On Sundays, this locally owned and operated winery offers reduced operating hours from 12 PM to 5 PM. Please note that Red Caboose Winery is closed on Mondays through Wednesdays at the time that this article was published.

6. Juniper Cove Winery (35.3 Miles)

Juniper Cove Winery collaborates with several smaller vineyards in Texas to highlight the diverse range of over 85 varietals ideal for winemaking in the region. Recognizing the influence of growing conditions and location on the quality of wines, they understand that vintages can vary from year to year. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Juniper Cove Winery aims to offer exceptional wines sourced from the finest grapes available in Texas.

Red Wines at Juniper Cove Winery

For their red wines, the grapes at Red Caboose Winery undergo a meticulous process. They are harvested and carefully crushed, destemmed, and prepared for fermentation to extract that rich red color.

Once fermentation is finished, the grapes are pressed, and the resulting wine is stored to initiate the aging process. This careful and precise approach ensures the development of high-quality red wines with a luscious and appealing character.

White and Rosé Wines at Juniper Cove Winery

Red Caboose Winery handles their white and rosé wines with a carefully designed process. These grapes are harvested earlier than most reds to capture their desired characteristics. After picking, the grapes undergo pressing and cold stabilization before the fermentation process begins.

Following the completion of fermentation, the wine is carefully stored to allow for settling and aging. This meticulous approach ensures the creation of vibrant white and rosé wines that showcase their unique flavors and aromas.

Specialty Wines at Juniper Cove Winery

Red Caboose Winery presents a range of delightful specialties that add a touch of whimsy to their collection of exceptional white and red wines. Inspired by beloved Texas flavors such as chocolate and peach, these wines provide a sense of enjoyment and playfulness.

With their unique and fun characteristics, these speciality wines provide a delightful experience for wine enthusiasts seeking something tastefully and distinctively flavored.

Hours, Services & Location:

The Juniper Cove winery is closed on Mondays through Wednesdays. However, on Fridays, they are open from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, on Saturdays from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm, and on Sundays from 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

7. Three Texans Winery & Vineyard (37 Miles)

3 Texans is a family-operated winery and vineyard situated in Temple, Texas, conveniently located off Highway 36 towards Moffat. Founded in 2009 by a mother and her daughters who share a passion for wine, the winery began with the planting of 4,000 grapevines, including esteemed varietals like Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Tempranillo.

Over the years, their knowledge and vineyard have grown, with an additional 1,000 plants being added to their estate.

3 Texans Winery & Vineyard also built a limestone tasting room, spanning 3,600 square feet, providing visitors with an inviting space to savor their wines. It's also a space routinely used for public events hosted by the winery, or by third-party hosts who partner with the vineyard or rent the space out.

The winery also features a picturesque side patio that offers enchanting views of their vineyard, adding to the overall ambiance of the experience.

The passion and dedication that have shaped 3 Texans as a female-owned establishment, where the love for wine is nurtured and cherished is clearly visible from the property all the way down to the liquid in the glass.

Wine Flights at 3 Texans Winery & Vineyard

At 3 Texans Winery & Vineyard, you can get started with their selection of wine flights. For $20, you can enjoy a wine flight comprising any five wines of your choice from their full menu. This allows you to explore and savor a variety of flavors and profiles before committing to a full bottle purchase.

In addition to wine flights, the winery also presents a range of great specials. Help yourself to their homemade Sangria, crafted with care and packed with a delicate combination of flavors.

Alternatively, they have a refreshing Wine Bellinis which a perfect choice for those seeking a sparkling and fruity experience. For a non-alcoholic option, they also offer a traditional Apple Cider.

Hours, Services & Location:

Operating from Wednesday to Sunday, 3 Texans is open from 12 p.m. to 7 p.m. However, please note that the winery remains closed on Mondays and Tuesdays.

8. BeeMaRosa Vineyard & Winery (44.1 Miles)

The BeeMaRosa Family has transformed their Belton, TX property into a destination that entertains, educates, and brings families together. Inspired by their passion for gardening and the land's qualities, they discovered thriving muscadine vines alongside the future winery building.

Motivated by the rich history of muscadine grapes, they laid the foundation for BeeMaRosa in 2020 after extensive research and visits to wineries and vineyards. With determination and care, they cleared the land, installed trellises, and planted 1200 vines from California in April 2021.

BeeMaRosa vineyard proudly showcases four grape varieties:

  • Tempranillo

  • Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Petite Sirah

  • Tannat

These carefully chosen varieties thrive in the Central Texas region, influenced by the favorable soil, mineral content, and abundant sunshine.

Establishing BeeMaRosa vineyard has been a labor of love for the family, and they eagerly invite visitors to check out their wines, unwind in the company of friends, and create cherished memories.

Hours, Services & Location

With a focus on providing delightful wines and friendly service, this establishment invites visitors to unwind in a serene garden setting. The parklike ambiance encourages guests to disconnect from stressors and immerse themselves in the beauty of nature.

Whether strolling through the vineyard, enjoying the melodies of birds, or finding solace under a tree or on the patio, patrons are encouraged to savor their favorite glass of wine. Inside the winery, seating options include a common area and two rooms, perfect for small groups. Tastings, as well as wine by the glass or bottle, are available, and while reservations are not required, they are recommended for larger groups.

To complement the wine experience, limited food options such as crackers and cheese platters, as well as charcuterie boards, are offered. These additions enhance the enjoyment of the wines, allowing guests to indulge in delectable pairings while sipping their favorite vintages.

Small weddings, and other special events can be booked at the BeeMaRosa Winery. & Vineyard.

9. Dancing Bee Winery (48.2 Miles)

G.C. "Clint" Walker, Sr., also known as Grandpa, began beekeeping during the Great Depression in 1930. This family tradition of honey bee husbandry has been refined over the years, with a deep understanding of nectar-producing plants, optimal production conditions, and the interplay between Texas soils and climates. The Walker family, spanning multiple generations, has dedicated themselves to this craft, transforming it into a cherished family business.

G.C. Jr., Clint's second son, expanded and built upon his father's legacy, establishing one of the most respected beekeeping operations in Texas over six decades. Their aim is to preserve and grow Walker Honey Farm as a valued member of the farming community, responding to the evolving needs of the surrounding areas.

The establishment of Dancing Bee Winery in September 2011 is a natural progression of Walker Honey Farm's dedication to creating innovative products from honey. The winery focuses primarily on Honey Wine, also known as Mead, offering a unique taste experience.

The name "Dancing Bee" was inspired by the intricate dance language used by honey bees to communicate with each other, particularly their signature waggle dance on the honeycomb surface. This dance directs foraging bees to nectar sources miles away with remarkable precision.

As the first winery in the Central Texas region specializing in Honey Wine, Dancing Bee Winery strives to produce a diverse range of flavors using exceptional ingredients.

Hours, Services & Location

On. the third Saturday of each month, you can join in the battle of wits and compete in the monthly Trivia Night at Dancing Bee Winery.

Small events can be hosted at their winery, and must be booked well in advance of the requested dates.

The winery is open to the public Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm, providing ample time for individuals to shop and taste. On Saturdays, the store opens earlier at 9am and continues to welcome customers until 6pm. Sundays offer a slightly later start, with doors opening at 12pm and closing at 6pm, allowing for a relaxed and enjoyable shopping experience. Whether customers need weekday convenience or weekend flexibility, the store's varied hours accommodate a wide-range of schedules.