Where is Magnolia Table Filmed? | Answered

So where is Magnolia Table filmed? Joanna Gaines cooking show called "Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines" is filmed in Valley Mills, Texas.

The Silos at Magnolia

If you are familiar with Chip & Joanna Gaines and their new TV empire called Magnolia Network, you have probably seen Joanna Gaines new cooking show. And although a lot of the Gaines family business ventures are based in Waco, TX - Magnolia Table is not filmed there.

So where is Magnolia Table filmed?

Magnolia Table Filming Location

The location for Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines studio is situated about 20 minutes West of Waco in a historic 120+ year old grist mill near the banks of the Bosque River in the rural town of Valley Mills.

Valley Mills Gristmill - Where Magnolia Table is filmed with Joanna Gaines
The Historic Gristmill in Valley Mills, TX Where Magnolia Table is Filmed

Chip & Joanna Gaines had originally purchased the historic gristmill with the intent to convert it into one of their new Magnolia Bed & Breakfast locations.

But after they had settled on creating a cooking show for their new TV network, they could not find a good filming location that Joanna felt was "the right place".

Eventually, they decided that the historic gristmill was the perfect spot to film the new cooking show.

So the new bed and breakfast spot was tabled in favor of a film studio.

The Magnolia Table Gristmill Studio Details

The location of Magnolia Table's filming location features a gated property, a covered parking spot along the side of the building, as well as a greenhouse and small garden near the back of the property that is frequently featured on the show.

The building itself is a beautiful, historic stone building that was built with impeccable masonry skills. Despite having been neglected for extended periods of time off and on throughout the past century, the building was beautifully restored.

The garden and greenhouse at Magnolia Table filming location in Valley Mills, TX.
The Garden & Greenhouse at Magnolia Table Filming Location in Valley Mills, TX.

The historic gristmill where Magnolia Table is filmed is 4,000+ square feet and features four "bedrooms" and 2 bathrooms.

When they were applying for permits to restore the building, they were very clear that the renovation would largely be cosmetic.

I think that they were successful in their efforts because the historic gristmill studio remains largely unchanged on both the inside and the outside in terms of structure, and overall aesthetic.

In fact, the historic gristmill genuinely looks and feels like you would have imagined it did in its prime. Minus the day-to-day gristmill operations of course.

Touring the Magnolia Table Filming Studio

The Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines filming studio in Valley Mills, TX is not open to tours at this time, but you can see a lot of the property from the exterior. Just make sure you do not park on private property, or on the grass - instead, park in the free parking spots on Highway 6 in downtown Valley Mills, TX and walk the 1-2 blocks to the Magnolia Table filming location.

Valley Mills Vineyard - an award winning wine vineyard in Valley Mills TX
Award-Winning Wine Vineyard in Valley Mills, TX

It is a small town, so you definitely risk being towed and/or issued a citation for parking where you are not allowed to park.

Other Magnolia Affiliated Businesses Nearby

In addition to Magnolia Table being filmed in Valley Mills, TX, you'll also find a couple of other well-known businesses in Valley Mills that the Gaines family have frequently featured on their TV shows.

Jimmy Don Iron Designs

JDH Iron Designs is located in Valley Mills, TX.

Yes, that's correct - Jimmy Don is also in Valley Mills.

If you're not familiar with who Jimmy Don is, you can always go back and watch a few seasons of the Gaines original show called "Fixer Upper". Many of the renovations that Joanna Gaines would do often involved various products and designs created by Jimmy Don.

You can visit Jimmy Don's Valley Mills location at: 9685 Lone Star Parkway - Valley Mills, TX 76689

Valley Mills Mantels

Another business in Valley Mills, TX that has been featured on Fixer Upper is Valley Mills Mantels.

Aubrey Stringer calls himself an old-school woodsmith and the quality of his work would certainly seem to back that up.

While he primarily specializes in wood mantels, he can make just about anything you need it if it is made out of wood.

Valley Mills Mantels - the woodsmith near Magnolia Table filming location
One of the buildings at Valley Mills Mantels in Valley Mills, TX

And he works his craft in two historic buildings as well.

His business is located in two side-by-side historic buildings in Valley Mills just one block away from the filming location for Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines.

Originally, the Valley Mills Mantels building was built as a livery stable.

Then it was a blacksmith shop, and over the course of the past 100+ years, it has been home to a good number of businesses.

Now it's home to a famous woodsmith who makes incredibly stellar products that you simply have to see for yourself.

So while you're visiting the Magnolia Table filming location in Valley Mills - stop by and check out the showroom for Valley Mills Mantels at: Corner of Highways 6 and 56108 South 4th Street, Valley Mills, Texas