Where Is The Chosen Filmed? | Answered

The Chosen has been filmed in these three cities

The Bible, which is what The Chosen is based on, resting on a log

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"The Chosen" stands out as an exceptional TV series that intricately explores the life of Jesus Christ in a one-of-a-kind and innovative manner. With its distinctive storytelling style and global impact, the series has engrossed viewers worldwide.

Fans of "The Chosen" are treated not only to the beautiful story of faith brought to life on the big screen, but they also get to explore the real-world filming locations that made that possible.

Film studio tours allow fans to experience these settings firsthand, creating a deeper connection to the series and its storyline. It's a unique chance to step into the world where "The Chosen" was brought to life, adding an extra layer of excitement for fans of the show.

So, Where Is The Chosen Filmed?

The Chosen series has been filmed in three locations: 

  • Capernaum Studios: Poolville, TX

  • Camp Hoblitzelle: Midlothian, TX

  • Jerusalem City Set: Goshen, Utah

The Chosen's fourth season concluded filming in 2023 and is available for streaming online on multiple streaming services. The entire fourth season was also being shown in select movie theaters nationwide.

The Importance of Filming Locations

Selecting authentic filming locations is paramount in bringing the biblical era to life on screen. By choosing settings that closely resemble the historical locations where these events took place, the production team of "The Chosen" creates an immersive and authentic experience.

Filming at locations such as Camp Hoblitzelle in East Texas, Capernaum Studios, and various locations reminiscent of the Middle East not only adds visual authenticity but also sets the tone for a realistic portrayal of the time period. 

This attention to detail in selecting filming locations helps transport the audience back in time, allowing them to truly connect with the narrative and characters in a way that wouldn't be possible otherwise.

Capernaum Studios, Texas: A Biblical Backdrop

Capernaum Studios in Texas was one of the first locations used for the early seasons of "The Chosen." Nestled in the heart of East Texas, Capernaum Studios served as the backdrop for the series, providing not just a filming location but an immersive experience for both the cast and crew. The studio's mission was to bring the stories of Jesus Christ to life in a relatable and authentic manner, staying true to the biblical accounts while adding a touch of modern storytelling.

Capernaum Studios, operated by Angel Studios, meticulously recreated biblical villages and Middle Eastern locales, transporting both the production team and viewers back in time to the era of Jesus. This attention to detail and commitment to authenticity allowed for a truly immersive experience for all involved, creating a palpable sense of being present in the Holy Land.

By utilizing Capernaum Studios for filming, the creators, including Dallas Jenkins and Jonathan Roumie, were able to craft a narrative that seamlessly blended the ancient world with contemporary storytelling techniques. The studio's dedication to bringing these stories to life on screen shines through in the richly detailed sets, costumes, and overall production design, setting "The Chosen" apart as a captivating and faithful portrayal of the life of Jesus Christ.

Touring Capernaum Studios

Capernaum Studios, the filming location for "The Chosen," offers public tours for visitors eager to explore the sets and behind-the-scenes magic of the series. To book a tour or inquire about availability, interested individuals can visit the official Capernaum Studios website (linked below).

The cost of the tour and any available packages can also be found on the website. Additionally, visitors with accessibility needs should contact Capernaum Studios in advance to ensure that their tour experience can be accommodated accordingly.

The Jerusalem Set in Goshen, Utah: A Unique Collaboration

The Jerusalem set in Goshen holds significant importance for "The Chosen" production. This historical cooperation with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has greatly impacted the authenticity and grandeur of the series. 

Utah desert, one of the filming locations for The Chosen

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The meticulously designed set allows for the recreation of biblical scenes with remarkable accuracy, enhancing the overall production value and narrative immersion for viewers. 

This collaboration has been instrumental in bringing the time and story of Jesus Christ to life on screen, adding depth and realism to the storytelling process.

Visiting the Jerusalem Set

At this time, public access to the studio for tours or visits is not publicly advertised. Given that many shows and movies are produced at this filming location, public accessibility may be restricted to ensure privacy and security for the cast and crew during filming.

Camp Hoblitzelle, Texas: Expanding the Horizon

Camp Hoblitzelle in Texas served as a pivotal location for later seasons of "The Chosen." The transition to Camp Hoblitzelle marked a significant shift in the production, as it facilitated the creation of a captivating Biblical village and soundstage that brought the narrative to life. 

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This change allowed the production team to authentically recreate Middle Eastern locales, giving viewers a realistic experience of the series' time and setting. 

The construction of the Biblical village and soundstage at Camp Hoblitzelle not only enhanced the visual appeal of the show but also provided a perfect backdrop for the actors to bring their characters to life in a meaningful and realistic way.

Touring Camp Hoblitzelle

To book tours and visit this location, fans can check for availability and pricing on their website (linked below).

The cost estimates for tours may vary depending on the type of experience offered, such as guided tours, behind-the-scenes access, and interactions with the production team. Fans can expect to pay a moderate fee for these tours, which often include exclusive insights into the making of the series and the chance to see iconic sets up close.

In terms of accessibility, this filming location for "The Chosen" is easily reachable by car, making it convenient for you to plan a visit. Special features of the tours may include interactive experiences, meet-and-greets with cast members, and a deeper dive into the historical and biblical context of the show.


Visiting the filming locations of "The Chosen" offers fans an enriching experience that allows them to step into the world of the series and explore its historical and production backdrop firsthand. 

From the biblical village set at Capernaum Studios to the serene landscapes of East Texas where scenes are brought to life, every location provides a unique glimpse into the making of this beloved series. Fans can walk in the footsteps of their favorite characters, immersing themselves in the sights and sounds of where the magic happens, creating a deeper connection to the story and its message.