A vacation rental house in Fredericksburg called Olive Street Ranch lit up at night

The BEST Place to Stay in Fredericksburg, Texas | OSR

When you visit Fredericksburg, you don’t want to just stay anywhere. You want to find the BEST place to stay in Fredericksburg, TX.

Known as Texas Wine Country, and home of the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Fredericksburg, Texas is quickly becoming one of the hottest destinations in Central Texas. And since everybody wants to visit this small piece of paradise, the demand for vacation rentals in this region of the great state of Texas has skyrocketed.

A vacation rental house in Fredericksburg called Olive Street Ranch lit up at night
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

Which is why it is important to know where to stay in Fredericksburg, Texas, as well as how to find the best vacation rentals in the area, and to know how early you should plan on booking your stay!

If you haven’t booked your vacation rental in Fredericksburg just yet, then keep reading… I’m about to give you some insight into one of the newest, best places to stay in Fredericksburg!

The Best Place to Stay in Fredericksburg, TX

I recently had the pleasure of staying at a brand-new vacation rental house (Olive Street Ranch) in Fredericksburg before it was made available to the general public.

After comparing it to other vacation rentals in the area, my stay at the Olive Street Ranch rental house was so fantastic, that I’m convinced it is the absolute best, most unique place to stay in Fredericksburg, Texas.

Olive Street Ranch, the best place to stay in Fredericksburg, Texas
Olive Street Ranch, Fredericksburg, TX (Photo by ExpertTexan.com)

Here are a few reasons why I think that Olive Street Ranch is the best place to stay in Fredericksburg, TX:

It’s Located Just 0.5 Miles from Main Street

When you visit Fredericksburg, you want to have quick access to everything that the downtown area on Main Street has to offer. Whether that’s the coffee shops, wine tasting rooms, local restaurants, or historic sites and buildings, you want to be able to spend as much time downtown as possible without having to waste precious minutes driving from your rental to downtown and back again.

It’s a Massive Rental Property with Lots of Acreage

On the other side of the gates, you’ll find that Olive Street Ranch has a ton of acreage available for you to relax and enjoy your vacation to the fullest. The property sits on approximately 12 acres (how many vacation rentals do you know of that offer 12 acres of land for you to roam on…), and while the rental house(s) on the property only take up a small portion of the acreage, the rest of it is mostly fields and old ranch pastures.

We did not venture away from the immediate acreage around the rental because we spent most of our time in downtown Fredericksburg. However, there is plenty of space to roam, take pictures, relax, and just enjoy nature.

If you have a drone and want to get in some practice flight-time, the open field towards the back of the property is a great spot to take to the skies without worrying about crashing into anything nearby.

Olive Street Ranch is a Full House Rental

Another reason that Olive Street Ranch is the best place to stay in Fredericksburg is because unlike some vacation rentals where you only get a bedroom, or a bedroom with a living room area, this is a whole-house rental.

the kitchen and dining room inside Olive Street Ranch vacation rental in Fredericksburg, TX
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

And when I say whole-house rental, I mean it’s a HUGE house (note: there are two other smaller rental houses on the same property that are also under renovation). The main rental property is over 1,800 square feet and it features three bedrooms, two bathrooms, plus three sofas in the living room area. At least eight people could stay at Olive Street Ranch without feeling even remotely crowded.

In general, a quick search shows that there are only a handful of vacation rentals in the Fredericksburg area that accommodate eight guests all in one rental property. So, if you’re visiting Fredericksburg with a large group, the further out that you can make your reservation, the better.

Olive Street Ranch features:

  • A full-size kitchen with a large breakfast bar.
  • A massive dining table (comfortably seats at least six people).
  • Huge bedrooms with California King-Size beds.
  • Spacious closets and dressers for those who like to unpack.
  • A solid HVAC system that keeps the house nice and cold, or toasty, on demand.
  • A massive fireplace.
  • It’s a pet-friendly vacation rental property.
  • Extremely FAST internet (perfect for remote work), and a full-channel cable service.
  • A massive, covered patio up front, and a covered deck out back.
  • A large outdoor firepit with benches and picnic tables.
  • Cornhole game out back by the firepit.
  • A laundry room is located on-site.

A Quick Walk-Through of Olive Street Ranch

The front of the house has a massive, covered patio with a couple of rocking chairs so even if you encounter rainy weather on your vacation, you’ll still be able to enjoy your time outside. The back deck is smaller, but it too is covered and has enough space for a couple of chairs if you wanted to sit out back.

When you walk in the front door, you’re greeted by the main living room and game room area. The game table is a nice touch for those who enjoy a game of checkers or chess, while the living room features three couches, plenty of end-tables with coasters for your drinks, and a large flatscreen tv mounted on the wall above the fireplace.

california king-sized bed at olive street ranch, a vacation rental house in Fredericksburg, TX
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

As you walk towards the back of the house, you’ll find one bedroom on the left, and two bathrooms on the right. A few steps further and you’ll find the kitchen on your right, two bedrooms on the left, and the dining room on the other side of the open kitchen breakfast bar.

As you step outside and head towards the back of the property, you’ll find a game of cornhole waiting for you, as well as an open firepit surrounded by benches and picnic tables. It’s a perfect space to enjoy some smore’s roasted over the open flames.

It’s a Gated Rental Property

One of the most frustrating things about some rental properties, is not having adequate parking available. Thankfully, you won’t have that issue with Olive Street Ranch, which is another reason it’s one of the best places to stay in Fredericksburg, TX.

Not only is the Olive Street Ranch rental property located just half a mile from downtown Fredericksburg, but it’s also a gated vacation rental property with plenty of space for parking in the front, and in the back.

Whether it’s just you – or you plus others – you don’t have to worry about finding adequate parking since there is plenty of space for you and any of the other guests staying with you or just visiting with you for the day.

And since this rental property is gated, you also have an additional layer of privacy so that you can enjoy your vacation in complete peace.

It’s a Fantastic Photography Location

As a side note, if you are a photographer looking for places to take shots out in the natural light, surrounded by mature, towering trees, old ranch fence lines, outdoor fire pits and 12 acres of overgrown pastures, then Olive Street Ranch is one of the best places you could possibly find as a backdrop for your photos.

Parish Scents Co product photo taken at Olive Street Ranch, the best place to stay in Fredericksburg, TX
A ParishScents.com Candle (Photo by ExpertTexan.com)

Inside the houses you’ll find modern farm-style finishes that have been made popular by the many renovations shows available on TV today. These newly renovated interiors make for fantastic photo shoot locations for showcasing products (the Parish Scents candle product shot above was taken at Olive Street Ranch), lifestyle, apparel and more.

It’s a Pet Friendly Vacation Rental

Yes, you read the correctly. Olive Street Ranch is a dog-friendly vacation rental, so you can bring your best furry friends with you on your vacation to Fredericksburg, Texas. With a ton of acreage to play around on, your dog will have the best vacation ever.

See? I told you this is the best place to stay in Fredericksburg, TX!

Our Experience at Olive Street Ranch

We absolutely loved staying here. The kids loved having space both indoors and outdoors to run around and play. They absolutely loved the massive California King-Sized beds (they made huge pillow and sheet forts on top of and under the bed), and roasting smore’s over the open fire pit was definitely a highlight for them.

girls roasting marshmallows over the open fire at a vacation rental in Fredericksburg, Texas
Photo by ExpertTexan.com

We played a game of checkers and cornhole and spent several hours walking around downtown Fredericksburg trying out various coffee shops, and candy stores, as well as local restaurants and bakeries.

Pro Tip: make sure that you stop at the Fredericksburg Mini Donut Co. You can thank me later…

We didn’t get to explore any of the vineyards or wine tasting rooms (strange, right?) this time around, but perhaps the next time we stay at Olive Street Ranch we’ll make it to a few of those as well.

If you want to learn more about the Olive Street Ranch vacation rental in Fredericksburg, TX, you can check out the Olive Street Ranch Facebook and Instagram pages.

What are your favorite places to stay in Fredericksburg, TX?

Do you have a favorite vacation rental spot in Fredericksburg, TX? Is there another place we should go check out? If so, let us know!