For Keeps Coffee House in Waco is a Keeper

Discover the welcoming charm of For Keeps Coffee House in Waco, TX, where community meets quality coffee and cozy vibes. Read our full experience!

For Keeps Coffee House in Waco

When a new business hosts a soft opening for "friends and family" and extends that invitation to the general public, that really tells you all you need to know about the owners of the business.

At For Keeps coffee house, the community at large - familiar and unfamiliar - is considered "friends and family."

So, being a complete stranger - I took them up on their invitation. I attended their soft opening!

Here's how my visit went.



I usually refer to coffee shops as just that - shops. But as soon as I entered the space, the vibe at For Keeps gave me the impression that this was more house-like than a "shop".

With the arched seating booths blanketing the back wall and lighting fixtures casting vertical shades of yellow, wood furniture, and gold decor, it also gives you the impression that you've just walked into a secret oasis straight out of a fictional literary masterpiece. Something you may have read as a kid or teenager and are just now seeing for the first time.

Inside For Keeps coffee house in Waco, TX.
Inside For Keeps Coffee House - Photo by

Oddly enough, there's not a book to be seen in the space save those that may have been brought by customers themselves (note to self: bring a book next time). participates in affiliate programs. Any links provided in the text below may be affiliate links that we benefit from financially. Please use our links as they help us continue providing you with quality content free of charge.


As soon as you enter, there's a massive table right in the middle of the floor. If it were a bit longer, it would be reminiscent of the table in drawings depicting the "Final Supper."

The table appears to be intentionally placed directly in front of the huge coffee bar, where the delicious smell of roasted coffee beans begins to emanate across the room.

a long table with wood grains at For Keeps Coffee House, a local coffee shop in Waco.
The "Last Supper" Table at For Keeps - Photo by

The table was created (specifically for For Keeps coffee house) by a local woodworker (@our_friend_josh). It's a beautiful piece of work, and it's really more of a statement piece than anything else. It's a conversational statement piece. As in, please sit down and join the conversation.

Poursteady coffee machine at For Keeps coffee house with white glass coffee mugs sitting on the shelf underneath a spout
POURSTEADY's Pour Over Coffee Machine at For Keeps - Photo by

Or just sit down and enjoy the scented waves of coffee-infused air as they roll off the coffee bar from the Poursteady machine located right next to you.


As I sit here later in the day, well after the "soft opening" has ended, sipping on my homemade Praline Oatmilk Latte out of my map of Waco coffee mug (you can get one made for any city here), I find myself daydreaming of the Vanilla Oatmilk Latte that I'd had - at For Keeps coffee house - just hours earlier.

a custom map of Waco insulated tumbler
Custom Map of Waco Insulated Tumbler - Photo by

As good as a freshly brewed homemade latte from the Nespresso machine can be, it's just something to tide me over between my visits to the various coffee places in Waco.

I was a little disappointed that For Keeps did not have caramel syrup as an option (not sure if this is permanent or if it was just during the soft opening), but the iced vanilla latte that they served up was just as good as any latte I've ever had.

(my new favorite at For Keeps is their 'For Keeps Delight' latte w/oat milk)

La Marzocco Espresso Machine at For Keeps - Photo by

If you've read any of my other coffee-related articles, then you probably know that I always go with oat milk because it gives the coffee a fuller, creamier texture than most other milk I've tried in my coffees. I can go without caramel, but definitely not without oat milk!


I cannot express how happy I am that more coffee shops in Waco are starting to offer food options. For Keeps Coffee House is no exception. And when I say 'food', I don't mean the random glass-covered pastry stand on the countertop with a few muffins that have been sitting there for five days.

For Keeps joins the ranks of other local coffee shops in Waco offering food options above and beyond.

The menu at For Keeps coffee house in Waco, Texas.
The Menu at For Keeps Coffee House - Photo by

I'm a huge fan of bagels and toast, which makes me even more happy that For Keeps coffee house offers both options!

Pro Tip: You must try the 'Breakfast Sammy'. It's mind-blowing.


Keeps's inside and outside spaces are well-designed and carefully thought out. This is evident by the fact that each arched seating area features a carefully centered outlet just under each table.

It's also evident by the "bar" area at the back of the coffee house, which has cutouts along the bar that allow for power cables to slip down and plug into the outlets below the surface space.

a raised bar seating area with cutouts for power cables at a local Waco coffee shop called For Keeps.
Raised Bar Seating w/ Cord Cutouts - Photo by

There is an outdoor deck area that will be nice to hang out on during the few days when Texas weather allows for it, too.

A garage-style window door at For Keeps Coffee House with people talking in the backdrop.
Garage-Style Door at For Keeps - Photo by

It also looks like a "garage-style" door that I'm guessing they may open up on nicer weather days that will connect the indoor and outdoor spaces pretty seamlessly.


The question I always have when I go to a new coffee place is, "Who is this coffee space designed for?".

In the case of For Keeps, it was a little more difficult to figure that out than some of the other coffee shops that have opened in Waco over the past few years.

In general, I think that For Keeps coffee house is designed for comfort, conversation, and creativity. The arched booth spaces are great for relaxing, enjoying the company of those you brought or met up with, or for those needing privacy while studying or working.

For Keeps coffee shop looking over the long table and coffee bar at the front.
For Keeps Coffee House Entrance - Photo by

The bar space at the back is clearly designed for those who need to get plugged in and stay connected for a little while, but it doesn't offer much privacy.

In fact, it's located directly on the footpath between the main room and the bathrooms - so foot traffic would not allow for much privacy when working or studying in that space.

The central seating area (especially the massive table) appears to be designed for conversations, and the outdoor space is great for enjoying the weather - when the Texas forecast allows for it.


Nearly every coffee shop in Waco continues to be swamped with people working remotely and students studying right alongside the regular coffee house traffic.

So having another coffee shop that caters to those who crave coffee while simultaneously desiring a space outside of their home (or dorm) to work, study, or just relax with a cup of joe is definitely welcome.

Inside For Keeps Coffee House during their soft opening with a line stretching across the room.
Soft Opening at For Keeps Coffee House in Waco - Photo by

For Keeps Coffee House is definitely a keeper in the Waco coffee scene, and I look forward to adding them to the list of coffee houses that I routinely visit in Waco.


And that's a wrap on For Keeps Coffee House in Waco, TX. Did I miss anything? Is there another local coffee house that I should visit? Reach out to me and let me know!