My Original Missinglettr Review (2022)

Here's my review from when I first started using Missinglettr

artificial intelligence imagery depicting missinglettr's social media ai

This article is my initial take on Missinglettr. For an updated review, read my latest article: Missinglettr Review | A Powerful Crowd-Sourced Content Distribution Tool.

About two weeks ago, I started using Missinglettr Curate, which is a tool that helps automate your social media content management and drip campaigns thanks (in large part) to social media AI.

I've had a chance to dive into the Missinglettr software and explore this unique social media content management tool to get a sense of what type of impact it could have on a brand new website project (this one,

When I first purchased Missinglettr, the Expert Texan website (a very new project of mine) had around 5-7 articles and was just barely starting to rank in search engine result pages.

Could Social Media AI really be as effective as an experienced social media manager?

To give you a better sense of where I started - the organic (free) traffic coming to my site was almost non-existent - we're talking maybe 10 website visits per week unless it was people visiting as a direct result of an email I sent to people on my email list.

Because I wanted to get a real sense of the power of a social media AI tool, I decided to do a test.

This article still has relevant information, however, I've written a more recent Missinglettr Review if you'd prefer to read the 2023 updates instead.

My Missinglettr Curate test: does it actually work?

The test was this - the only things I would do differently on over the course of two weeks would be:

  • to start using Missinglettr (including Missinglettr Curate), and

  • write a couple of new articles to provide the foundational content that Missinglettr needed in order to generate enough drip campaigns through its social media AI tool.

I mean... How powerful could a tool like Missinglettr REALLY be?

Could Social Media AI really be as effective as an experienced social media manager?

I was about to find out.

But before I get into the results (and what kind of impact Missinglettr has had on in just two weeks) it will help to better understand what Missinglettr (and Missinglettr Curate) is and how it uses social media AI to generate organic traffic and engagement on your social media networks.

What is Missinglettr

Missinglettr is a social media scheduling tool that helps you drip-feed your various social media accounts with relevant content for your audience.

Each piece of content is considered a "campaign" and each campaign can be customized or standardized as you wish.

Missinglettr helps you automatically drip-feed your social media accounts with relevant content for your audience

Through a combination of natural language processing and social media AI, Missinglettr is able to quickly parse your online content into visually appealing bite-sized quotes and graphics and automatically schedule it for you.

What used to take hours and hours of work now just requires a few clicks for the initial setup. After the initial setup is done, Missinglettr will begin to do the brunt of the work for you, requiring very minimal oversight.

Within minutes, you can have 12 months worth of social media posts created, customized and scheduled from just a single piece of content.

What is Missinglettr Curate?

In this article, I've used the terms Missinglettr and Missinglettr Curate interchangeably, and that's because they are all part of the same tool, yet distinctly different from each other.

Missinglettr Curate allows other content creators to share your content with their audience

Here's the difference:

Missinglettr is the primary tool that allows you to automate and schedule your own content 12 months out into the future.

Missinglettr Curate is the add-on tool that allows you to automate and schedule other people's content to be shared with your audience, as well as allow other content creators to share your content with their audience.

The truth is, there are a lot of platforms out there that do exactly what Missinglettr does, but there are very few software solutions that do what Missinglettr Curate does.

The Curate feature is the single-most powerful feature on Missinglettr and it's the "magic social media AI sauce" behind the success of to-date (more on that in a minute).

How Missinglettr works

Here's how easy it is to use Missinglettr in four steps:

Step 1: Connect your website to your Missinglettr account

Step 2: Authorize Missinglettr to automatically identify content via an RSS feed (no technical expertise required, the software does it all for you)

Step 3: Review the content you want to turn into social media drip campaigns and approve the automatically generated social media posts

Step 4: Click "Schedule"

Yes, it's really that simple.

Just like that, you have an entire year of content scheduled to be shared with your social media audiences. And that content is auto-created and auto-scheduled for every single social media account you set up (I can connect up to 11 social media accounts on my plan).

Here is my December 2020 content calendar filled with social media posts:

Missinglettr calendar view

There are additional (but not required) settings that you can control on Missinglettr such as brand settings (e.g. colors, logo, templates), campaign schedules (time of day, frequency of posts, etc) and more.

You can view my more detailed Youtube tutorial video on all of those features here:

How Missinglettr Curate Works

Missinglettr Curate is also incredibly easy to use.

Here's how you use Missinglettr Curate:

  1. Select either a pre-existing campaign you created or from an external link/source

  2. Select the best social media post that was created for that campaign

  3. Send it to the Curate "library"

Yes, the Curate tool is also that easy to use.

The Curate tool multiplies your audience

Now your social media content is available to a network of thousands and thousands of other content creators who can schedule your content to be shared on their social media networks.

Your marketing reach just went from 0 to 60 in a few clicks.

Rather than slowly adding people to your audience over long periods of time, now you can multiply your audience through the Missinglettr Curate library.

For me, as other Missinglettr users have started curating my content to share with their audiences, my audience went from just a few thousand (on my own social media accounts) to a potential reach of over 5 million people in less than two weeks.

Superpower your marketing with social media AI

Let's be honest... designing hundreds of creatives, hand-picking quotes, and manually searching online for relevant content to share with your social media audience is a mind-numbing time suck.

Not to mention then having to manually schedule the posts!

All of that should be a thing of the past.

You now have the ability to superpower your marketing with artificial intelligence through robust social media content curation tools like Missinglettr Curate.

Here's how:

When you start to share other people's content from the Curate library (and select your categories and tags that indicate the type of content you're interested in sharing) the Missinglettr Curate tool will start to auto-schedule posts that you've never even seen before!

Once an article is auto-scheduled, you'll receive an email with a list of auto-scheduled articles so that you can review each one to make sure it's a good fit for your audience.

If you miss the email, don't worry - every auto-scheduled post will be tagged with "AS" so you know it was scheduled through the AI system.

What other features does Missinglettr offer?

Missinglettr does not just automatically create visually appealing social media content for you to share with your audience or auto-schedule relevant content from other authors for you to share.

It does a lot more.

Here are a few of the other ways that Missinglettr helps you manage your social media content more efficiently:

  • Automatically re-publish your articles on (with the correct canonical link)

  • Provides hashtag recommendations

  • Manage third party social media accounts w/ client approvals

  • Customize your schedule templates

  • Customize your content templates

  • Use third-party custom URL shorteners

  • Promote guest posts you've written on other websites

Missinglettr's impact on my website

As promised, I will share the direct impact that Missinglettr has had on my own website (this one that you're on) as well as my newly created social media accounts for Expert Texan.

  • People sharing my articles

    • Before Missinglettr: 3-5

    • After Missinglettr (two weeks in): 220

  • Social media engagement (likes, clicks, shares, comments)

    • Before Missinglettr: 5

    • After Missinglettr (two weeks in): 184

  • My website traffic has exploded by 266% in just two weeks