☕ An Unforgettable Sidewalk Cafe & Bakery in Waco 💛 | Street Dog Cafe

Covered Patio? Check. Dog-Friendly? Check. Delicious? Check.

Sidewalk seating at Street Dog Cafe in Waco, TX.

I recently attended the soft opening for the newly opened sidewalk cafe, Street Dog Cafe, in East Waco! From the moment I stepped onto the spacious, covered patio area, I knew I was in for a treat. Not because this is the only sidewalk cafe in Waco, but because it's just such a COOL cafe!

The abundance of seating and convenient parking nearby made it so easy to start to unwind and take in the cafe's unique ambience the minute I laid eyes on it.


wood and metal table and chairs sitting on the patio at a sidewalk cafe in Waco.
Photo by Chris at ExpertTexan.com

🌧️ It helped that - when I first visited - it was a lovely rainy morning with gentle rumbles of thunder off in the distance while I sat outside under the covered patio as rain trickled off the roof. The sound of the water cascading down the rain gutter spouts and into the street serenaded me as I stayed nice and dry, enjoying the cool breeze of the morning.


The chalkboard menu at Street Dog Cafe, a new sidewalk cafe in Waco, TX
Photo by Chris at ExpertTexan.com

😋 Aside from the ambience, there's another star of the show: the food. Oh my goodness! From specialty lattes to sticky buns, cinnamon rolls, banana bread, savory buns, breakfast pizza, soft pretzels, cake, and so much more, their daily-baked goodies were an absolute revelation.

The fresh-baked goods every morning is one of the things that separates this cafe from being just a traditional coffee shop. Even though they are quite possibly one of the best coffee shops in Waco, they pride themselves on being a bakery first, and a coffee shop second. The only other coffee shop like that in Waco is For Keeps Coffee & Bakery on the other side of town.


🏠 Speaking of the sticky bun at Street Dog Cafe... It took me on a journey back to my parents house. Waking up in the morning and smelling the sweet aroma of cinnamon and caramel wafting through the air as I walk down the stairs to the dining room.

I knew what was waiting on the dining room table long before my foot ever took the final step onto the first floor of the house... a sticky bun covered in delightfully melted caramel to the perfect color and texture, chewy, but not tough, sugary, but not overwhelming. A perfectly balanced blend of cinnamon and sugar delicately spread within each layer of the bun, revealed with each bite.

A latte in a clear white glass sitting on a glass plate with a freshly baked sticky bun in the backdrop at Street Dog Cafe
Photo by Chris at ExpertTexan.com

It's difficult to recreate my mom's sticky bun (although she graciously gifted me her 50+ year old recipe, even my attempts are in vain at times), but Street Dog Cafe has gotten dangerously close.

While the Street Dog Cafe sticky bun isn't visibly covered in caramel like my mom's were, the same caramel taste is present and undeniable. The flavor was simply remarkable, delighting my taste buds with each bite, from the first to the very last morsel. Trust me, you don't want to miss out on that!

Waco has needed more bakeries for quite some time, and this particular sidewalk cafe in Waco does a fantastic job of baking fresh food each morning that has you looking forward to the taste in every bite.


latte art at Street Dog Cafe, a sidewalk cafe in Waco, TX
Photo by Chris at ExpertTexan.com

The attention to detail doesn't end with the food; the latte art here is fantastic. Each cup of coffee is a masterpiece, showcasing the baristas' skill and creativity. It's not just about the taste but also a feast for the eyes.

My latte was so beautifully crafted and plated on a REAL glass plate, with a REAL glass cup, it almost felt wrong to drink it (you see I took lots of photos to document the moment).

The crema was layered just like it should be, visible on the other side of the glass wall in which it was contained. And while coffee is not their main focus, it's certainly difficult to not be impressed by it when it's so beautifully presented.


The outdoor, covered seating patio at Street Dog Cafe in East Waco
Photo by Chris at ExpertTexan.com

🐾 Pet-Friendly: Yes! This cafe is truly dog-friendly, as they go the extra mile to cater to our furry friends. Not only can you bring your friendly pup along, but they even have scrumptious dog treats available on the menu!

My Final Thoughts On This Sidewalk Cafe in Waco...

If you're looking for a charming cafe in Waco to spend your mornings or unwind with friends, this is the place to be. The ambiance, the friendly staff, the mouthwatering treats, and the amazing latte's make this cafe stand out from the crowd.

I'll be at Street Dog Cafe a lot. So, hopefully I'll see you around, too =)

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